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    How does our modern form of dancing impact our lives on a spiritual level? Are there certain levels of channeled information flowing from generation to generation untapped? If we are receiving information and we keep missing the spiritual link is it possible that the same message continues to spin like revolving doors?

    If there are embedded codes and we keep missing them but allowing other people to out step us, how does this affect our connection with our channeling spiritual agents? Can those who steal from us actually steal the message that comes through the unorthodox movements which seems to defy the laws of physics at time?

    I often sit back and wonder how many times will we find our selves repeating the same movement while going through the same motions before we collectively put it together? I've watched my sistas shakin their buts on TV and I've criticized them (while never turning)for publicly making our women look like foos. Was my sistas taken back to a time here in the Americas when one of the first sistas, Josephine Baker was droppin it making it bounce?

    Basically all of these questions can be summed up as such: - what is the message that we keep missing, and are they making a presence through all of the generations until the message is actually cracked?