Black Spirituality Religion : Spiritual Business Vs Spiritual Education

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    Spiritual Business Vs Spiritual Education

    Generally the human beings do spiritual business with God and are not for the spiritual education. A school is a centre of education and a shop is a centre of business. There are many shops but few schools. Majority is for business and minority is for education. You are sacrificing the work and wealth to achieve the fruit in the spiritual business. The fruit you receive from the business is not permanent because you have to go to the shop again and again to purchase the commodity. In the education also, service to the preacher (susrusha) and sacrifice of wealth (Guru Dakshina) is done as in the case of business but the fruit is permanent.

    Once you have acquired the knowledge and come out, the knowledge stays with you permanently. You need not go to the school again and again as in the case of the shop. The business is referred in Gita (Parasparam Bhavayantah). The education is also mentioned (Tat Viddhi Pranipatena). The preachers should become the centers of spiritual education. They should not become the centers of spiritual business like priests and astrologers.

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    I gotta a job while I chase my dream
    I belive one can do both and still have integrity

    Hello there, I agree with you on most of your points. I just wanted to interject by saying that as with anything else in this modern world, making a living when one has to clothes themselves and others and put food on the table is called survival. In ancient times foods/good were exchanged when services were traded. Most Mystics or sages or what have you were taken care of by their communities for the spiritual work that they provided. However, now that we are living in a modern society, with so many different beliefs, religions, pracitces and so forth, it is virtually impossible for the spritiual student who has recieved the education and is now teaching and giving of a service to survive. Being a teacher or spiritual knowledge is a calling that only the creator can give. One will know this individual is "called" by the gifts that they possess, how they carry themselves and if the information that is provided is authentic. Now I believe it is possible for the teacher to become the spiritual practione/teacher as well and start a spiritual business, this allows food, clothes, bills and a mortgage to be paid, but at the same time not using the aquisition of wealth as a main target or goal. Can a spiritual teacher uphold the spirit of the creator and do both. I belives so, as long as humility, love, compassion and a genuine concern for the human condition is kept in the forefront! Blessings will rain down and give the spiritual teacher and businesswoman or man the ability to still survive in a world that demands its services for an exchange in dollar bills.

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    Yes, some only look forward to the reward, not counting what they need to gain before the rewards to be justified for them. One must be ready for any and all tests the Father gives us, meaning, we have to learn what He has taught in preparation. To pass these means one is deserving, in the eyes of the Father.

    The faithful must all pass tests of faith, which they should have in the sacrifice of the Son for our sins unto salvation, and tests of belief and trust in the Father which they should have in the Son's resurrection from the dead, which has led us to redemption.

    Only having wisdom taught over the years can one stand a chance at passing with flying colors.