Chief Elder Osiris : Spiritual Blocking Our Connection To The Ancestors

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Jan 3, 2002
The Spirit Black Folks Express In The World Today, Block Our Connection To Our Ancestors

By Chief Elder Osiris

Divine Spirituality Reveal The Quality Of Thoughts That Guide your Life And Contrary To What The Human Being Has Taught You About Life being A game, As usual, They Lied to you, Life Is not A game It Is An Obligation That Require For You To give It The Best Protection It Deserve And To Always Be Taken Serious, Even In The Waking Hour Of Your Joyful Time.

Everything we do in life is based upon an Energy Flow and it is the quality of our Thoughts that determine the quality of our Spirit and it is our Spirit that reveal the quality of life we live and when our Spirit is of a level of belief involved in want, hope, faith and wishing without a basis for knowing what we need, then the quality of spirit being revealed by Black People, is not the way to summon our Divine First Way Ancestors and those Ancestors are capable of guiding and protecting us through the evil of this world and nothing and no one else qualify to do so for you.

The Divine Essence ( GOD ) did and do our Divine Ancestors serve as attributes of that Divine Infinite Intelligent Energy, that which feed the Divine Information we need to be able to know and understand Self and the action of the Universe, in all of its Natural Form, so for Black people today acting out through the expression of a spirit that is in direct conflict with the Universe thus with the Divine Essence, then in no way such a low quality of spirit is acceptable to the Energy Intelligence of our Divine First Way Ancestors.

It is the Foolish and low spirited Black so call Afrikan who attempt to show a sign of intelligence by denouncing the the power and life of the Universe and the mystical Divine Intelligence of the Energy that cause all Life Motion to perform and such a Divine Intelligent Energy does not involve Its Intelligence in the life affairs of that which It Has Caused to be in the form it is given to be, and it is the foolish Black so call Afrikan through our ignorant intelligence who believe we do God a Good Service when in fact we in our ignorant intelligence do not Know what the Divine Essence Truly and Really Is, and when you do not know such a Fact as that, then you act ignorantly about that you have been made to believe in, as being True and Real.

So it is the quality of Spirit that the so call Black Afrikan express in the world that have the Black World in a state of total submission to the low and evil spirits in and of this world and yet most so call Black Afrikans do not Know what constitute the Spirit of your Being, which reveal its self through the attitude and behavior we display before the world, and toward each other, which is of such a low Human Being Quality until such a lowly Human Being Spirit block Black People from knowing what we are required to know in order to make the connection with our Divine First Way Ancestors, they who are capable of informing us of all that is required of us, that is, if we desire to ever rise again back to the level of our Divine living status again in the World, which is a requirement if we are to ever bring about the Divine Change which will invoke a social and Religious Change that the Black World is in need of today.

A Divine Spirit does not rebel against the Divine Truth and does not defy what is Divinely Real, and those two principles of Divinity, when is not in the know by the Black World, is what causing the lowly evil Human Being Spirit we now possess to be the expression by those Black People who no longer know who we are and an evil lowly Spirit can in no way guide you to the presence of our Ancient Divine First Way Ancestors and without a connection to our First Way Divine Ancestors, it prevent Black People from having an awareness and knowledge of Self and without a knowledge of self you can in no way Know What the Divine Essence is, and it is Divine Knowledge with Understanding that breed Divine Wisdom and such Wisdom is revealed by Intelligent Energy and it is the Divine Essence that is Eternally Infinitely Intelligent.

Can You Understand That, Beloved?

Listen Beloved, one of the greatest evil is to have a grudge and hold onto it ignorantly, and a grudge only reveal the vanity of Ego, Envy, and Jealousy, a grudge represent holding something against the thing you are in disapproving of, so much so, to the extent it has more of a destructing effect upon the one holding the grudge than toward whom the grudge is intended to affect, there is no display of Divinity of the one holding the grudge ignorantly and is seeking no resolution to the thing that have caused the grudge to develop, such is foolish action expressed by a lowly evil Spirited person who seek no resolution to that which is causing such a mental discomfort and yes, anything that serve not to be of a comfort to your life is not a Divine Thing.

Black Folks Spirit is so not Divine today, until we take pleasure in holding grudge against each other in life, we having not the Spirit to do what is necessary to do in order to bring comfort to your life and we expect a Divine Eternal Infinite Intelligence to Hearken unto our cry for peace, freedom, Greater Good, Justice, and the Sovereign of life?

If you are not in a position to express a Divine Spirit, meaning your life activity is in Harmony, Order, and Balance with the Universe Natural Action, then you are in a position that the Devil has put you in, and being in such a Devilish position is what have the Black World acting and behaving toward each other as we do, and it is that low quality of Spirit that maintain our stay in the caste of ignorance, having us to believe that we are acting intelligent when in fact the state of condition of Afrika and the Afrikan People, defy our every Lie we believe about ourselves to be acting and behaving intelligent in the world.

Here is a People referring to themselves to be King and Queens, Goddess and Gods, yet have not the Spirit to support such a claim, always showing compassion toward others problems instead of our own, we become more animated over what Israel is doing to the Gaza Strip than what Black Folks are doing to other Black Folks in Afrika and you tell me such a display of Spirit is a sign coming from Intelligent People?

No!, No! beloved, not until Black People begin to express a Divine Spirit toward each other, will we be able to sanctify our Claim to be the Black Afrikan Queens, Kings, Goddess, and Gods we make claim of us to be and perform in such capacity.

I know many of you do not want to hear this because this is what you need to know and this is the Divine Truth and it is the Divine Truth Black People have been conditioned to despise, therefore we despise our Black Selves.

You see, True and Real Black Afrikan Queens, Kings, Goddesses, and Gods are of a Divine Spirit, unified and not tribalised, and will not tolerate being treated as a Fool while being told we are Intelligent People.

Divine Royalty do not depend upon others for their livelihood and do not just hand over the Land they reside in and do not function as a delusional and psychotic people, True Divine Black Afrikan Queens, Kings, Goddesses, and Gods are the Divine Servant and Protectors of their People, not some lowly spirited vagabond always seeking a hand out from others who have a History of Dumbing Down Black People, having us going around making claim to be of such Divine Royalty while in Real Time we do not have a pot to call our own to piss in and feel comfortable the pot will be there the next Time we need to use it, that is not a sign of a Divine Intelligent Spirit of a people of Black Divine Royal Blood.

Can You Understand That, Beloved?

Beloved, listen and listen well, not until Afrika is Afrika again and the Black Nation is one unified Nation again in Afrika, displaying a Divine Spirit toward each other, will the Universe spare this evil world of its Natural Fury and then and only then will a sanctified Divine Change occur upon this Planet Again.

Can You Understand That, Beloved?

The Quality Of Spirit Of A People Reveal The Quality Of Mind Of Those Same People And It Is The Mind That Guide You As To How To Make Connection With Our Ancient Divine Cosmic First Way Ancestors, They Who Actually Walked Upon This Planet In Real Time And Is Not Some Made Up Fantasy Claiming To Have Walked Upon This Planet as we now so believe in, using our religious mind.

Do You Understand This, Beloved?

Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved
Chief Elder
The Pan Afrikan Inter'National Movement


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