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    Speak When You Are Spoken Too.

    Sometimes your mind drifts off somewhere and your hear things that are all too bizarre but mindful. You make them out as anomalies inside your head, random thoughts bouncing from right to left, left to right. But they are answers to your own questions, the questions you ask when you believe no one is listening. You should hold on to them because they are gifts, even the whispers you may not fully understand just yet. They are not the voices in your head that require therapy, often it is your own voice, or a spirit speaking through familiar characters from your every day.

    The Spirit whispers different words to each of us. We should not be judged based upon our lack of understanding or decoding it's words. Unlike our Manmade Gods, the Spirit knows that we are flawed and would not expect perfection from a flawed being. It's duty is only to answer a call. The mailman doesn't care if you are literate. That part of it, is up to you.

    The term "Spirit" is being used here to generalized many dimensions of spiritual communication. Often our own Spirits move out of our bodies to speak with each other. Each one- telling the secrets that we will consciously pretend are hidden. The master Shaman learns how to summon not only the spirit of the dead, but the spirit of the living. In this same way many Psychics gain their information, because the Spirit records everything.

    There is Spirit in everything, even the rock that is scientifically dead- whispers about it's journey into and through time. How we access this knowledge is a mastery worth dying for. It is the use of empathy and emotion that is beyond the words and their definitions. It is the magickal technique that no book can teach and no Magician can instruct. It is by the will and desire of the Spirit itself.

    Haunted by the whisperings of the Spirit- Men and Women will invoke music and poetry. Children will invoke laughter, and the Elders- stories that contain their wisdom before the age of their passing comes. But the Spirit does not speak to cause us suffering, but to answer our constant questioning. The only way to know when something is real is by it's echo. And because we are real, everything we do and think- echoes. We exist inside a cycle. So the answers for today's questions show up depending on the speed of those thoughts and our minds.

    If we are confused by our own spirit reality, it could be because we are rearranged, and we are rearranged because we refused to give it any real attention. We are hoping the answers for our own spirit reality will come from another source. And this is why we are often confused by the messages we do receive. First of all, we never remember asking any questions related to it.
    Or. The Spirit appears to be speaking about something that is totally unrelated to our lives altogether.

    In African culture we had no real word for "spirituality" because everything- all reality was considered spiritual. If we lived by that same principle today then we would be less confused. We'd know that sometimes the Spirit is whispering the answers to questions we asked while- watching television, a movie, reading the newspaper, watching a female or male walk by, going to the grocery store- etc. Everything we pay our attention too becames incorporated into our Spirit reality.

    Just as someone who lives in a Jungle wouldn't have dreams about Tony the Tiger but instead would dream about a real Tiger, the Spirit can only communicate using the symbols lodged into our brains. And it's whispers are usually the direct result of our inquiry. The statement we often make "Something told me too - " is a sign that one- the Spirit is always speaking to us and two, we don't listen.

    I've been led to many things just from listening to the Spirit. And I try to invoke the Spirit as often as possible as a solution to any problem. I will resist the opportunity to assign that method to any spiritual or religious paradigm. Some people might call such invocation- common sense. It can be incorporated into whatever it is you believe in, however it is not restricted too or licensed by our belief structures.

    While I know for a fact the dead are always speaking and guiding us, this is something some of us will have to recover in our own time. Still- it explains in fuller detail what we are doing when we leave from here and why we continue to school ourselves. It is for the purpose of communicating and helping others develop and evolve just as we have. However this is a choice.

    We fall into a trap when we find ourselves making judgments about what the Spirit is supposed to say and whom the Spirit is speaking too. We fall into the same trap when we find ourselves judging what the Ancestors are supposed to say and whom they are speaking too. The fairest notion is that we can misinterpret what the Spirit or the Ancestors are saying. But again "Spirit" is just a blanket generalization. An Astronomer and a Poet will describe the rising of the Sun differently.

    There are many that listen to the Spirit that will stress what is Divine and what is profane, what is dove-like purity and beauty- and this is only a language to which their hearts belong. Because of this there are many Spirits they will not hear, may solutions they will not be able to interpret, because the wise soul truly seeking answers is not heavy on the light or dark side, it is somewhere in the middle. If we heard only from the left ear, or only from the right ear then our hearing is not suffice. It is the middle path that offers the full perspective.

    Make no mistake about this. You will always find those who only listen to one type of Spirit being haunted by the very opposite. Those who dislike the hidden and the unknown are the most haunted by it. We feed our dislikes with our attention and they also become part of our Spirit Reality. And this is mainly why the Spirit whispers to begin with. It provides for us the clues we need to change our minds.

    When we lived in a different land, when we were lost- the voice of the Spirit would carry us back home. The journey doesn't begin where we were, it begins where we are.

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    Ase Br. Meat

    superior post!!

    a couple of weekends ago went to stay with my aunt down near the beach... we have beautiful beaches ...

    there.. not buildings.. nothing to block the sunset... truly calming atmosphere...

    at night u can here the ocean because hardly any traffic... so we sat outside in the jacuzi and just listened...

    she said the ocean is special to you..

    next day we stolled to the beach.. i desired to watch the waves and play with the sand and rocks..

    i picked one to take...

    she said that's a moon rock.. if u take it in the moonlight it will glow...

    ironically enough the next couple of nights was the full moon....

    although it rained here during the full moon... i still kept the rock and am awaiting the story...



    Ase Br. Meta... apologize for the typo.... i can't change it... really chalk it up to my quick fingers...