Black Poetry : SPELL BOUND


Jul 2, 2003
WANTING, NEEDING, HOPING and even Praying.

Only a WOMAN can make you desire like this...and keep you spellbound.

Spell Bound
Something as well
As " Someone " worth while
Is worth the wait!

The long time coming, the endless
Seconds those seem like days
The fear is hope being dashed
That possibly they may never appear

Again... in your eyes
In your space, in this life time
This is no reason to dash all hope

When we were together last
You kissed me with your charm

I begged for you to release me
You looked at me at me alarmed
As if to say you didn’t understand

For I told you so many times
You had a hold like nothing
I had ever known on my heart and soul

That you were always on my mind
You found that strange

I am complex, but with you
I become a simple man
Could be controlled by a look and a word

I didn’t hold that against you
I shared just to let you
Know I am your prisoner here

Controlled by your wishes, longing for your kisses
Desiring to be taken or set free

You toyed with the thought
Dismissed me of course...and said
I was infatuated with thee.

Over and over I disputed this claim
I called out this spell by name
I told you the spell was real

I didn’t ask for this
Please set me free with a kiss
Or be with me for ever more

Then one night as I tossed in my bed
I feel into a dream...Oh so real
Like in my day time hours

I smelled your perfume flower
You were here in my arms... in my dreams

Then as we spoke not in words
You kissed me and I knew

That then I could truly be free

I don’t want to be free
If freedom means you without me
I do not want to be free any longer
If it means I am without you

Come back into my life
Not as you were before

But this time come back and be true
Be true to yourself
With me you left
Like you gave me your heart from day one

I didn’t know that you did
So just like a kid
I kept asking you for it
Heart in hand
Did you set me free?
I don’t think so Cherie

For I still think about you everyday
So if you’re coming back even as a friend
Hurry up this way again

For my love waits to be filled
And heart waits to be healed

My arms wait
My heart aches
My lips need you too

Sometimes I get upset
Not at you but myself
Thinking how could you get such a hold over me?

I know now a thing or two
Never to do the same thing
To someone who truly loves me

I just fear one day soon
That when you walk into the room
I may just drop a love
I’m with …all for you.

I’m not weak not a bit
But it was your sweet kiss

That put a spell over me

Being bitten by love
Something about you love...and your love
I think of it
It’s like being

Bitten by a female wolf
Every night I am yours

Waiting to sling open both doors
And let you tearing savagely into my arms

What a gift you must have
Like magic you did
Surely put a spell over me

So this feeling I won’t fight
I may never be right
All I ask is that you give all of you...only to me.​
Thank You Sister cherryblossum

WHEW! All I can say is, she's a baaaaad woman!

This sister had me trying spells to break free, burning photo's and none of it worked. She had a spell working only she could set me free from.

She did.. but I fear seeing her one day. I think she left some voodoo.. on you know who

Never went beyond a kiss. She did fix me a drink once.
I suspect she was putting me on layaway or something. :em2300:


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