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May 11, 2006
Special System

Get out my vehicle no doubt a nickel in my pocket wanna
Buy a milk shake see a girl in silk look great so I’m gonna
Talk to her but feel funny the deal is got no money, have
Food and clothes along with rude flows but my mood glows
Like candle light and that handles my night when the wind blows
Like hurricanes I worry but sustain the feeling inside me grows
In the closet my shoes neat but the blues beat my head like
A BB King guitar so the Thrill is Gone eat bread of all type
Have grown fast wanna marry a girl of my own class that
Don’t talk unknown trash I’ve blown cash at clubs still at
Zero for girls maybe a hero should twirl some luck my way
Stuff get funny when you don’t have enough money any day
I’m no fool and my flow is cool I go in the pool a wet
Deft world left my girl with the car keys love her yet
Evaluating my theme is like using a calculating machine
The words don’t add up and it’s sad and corrupt to lean
On grammar to try and clean the glamour for a scheme
Look born in a group just to warn troops adorn hoops
In basket ball it can get drastic yall with bounces and loops
Like Kobe I’m quick got whale skills like Moby Dick hope
Lifting hale with shifting gales while the sails on my boat
Fails to keep me afloat, like a billy goat got raw horns and like
Hawthorne being a nurse prescribing pills, surving thrills and hype
Of saving lives with medicine, let Doctor House show me action
Except for god prepare for action in an affair no satisfaction
Probably take me to court, make me support a fatal attraction
Begin to boast Glen Close, cats mess be phony and my testimony
Make them confess remain above the rim blessed with macaroni
Got music and attitude but some folks use it rude plus
They’re hard to elude, the population a man can’t trust
Their plans and observations the critics make it rough
They take stuff away from me can’t stay free in handcuffs
Like Santa’s elves I’m shook got shelves for books so I turn
Pages when I burn stages
my foot in true leather must put together some steps in Tims this help me stem above the rim, have a hardcore plan i have to make ready beforehand for a specific purpose because life is a terrific circus need a funky witness to explain this monkey business, i care about romance and I'm aware in advance of the essential potential of having sex, look I let my quotes fly in chapters to notify rappers yall stay away don't try battle this, I chase plans just to place in the hands of microphones i stand alone when rapping yall, drink a river out of thirst but first deliver a verse in exchange for applauds it's strange abroad how other countries respond, and MC with flow and i let my CD'S go for a price, i'm a sweaty sinister ready to administer some cough drops to soft slop I'm hearing lately


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