Black People : Special Internet Broadcast: Assassination of Ted Roe

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    The Assassination of Ted Roe

    "In the late night of Monday August 4th, 1952, Ted Roe is just leaving his home at 5239 S. Michigan Avenue, alone, dressed casually with a day's growth of beard on his face. Walking down the walkway to his car parked in front, a gray coupe comes to a screeching stop. One man emerges from the passenger door in a graceful smoke-like motion, leveling the business end of a sawed-off 12-gauge shotgun at Ted. Another man emerges from behind the billboard next door to Ted's building, also leveling a shotgun and rushing toward Ted. For a single moment, life seemed to freeze in time.
    A shotgun blast rings out, then another, and another... In the distance Carrie screams out, "TEDDY, TEDDY, IS THAT YOU?!!!". A fourth shotgun blast rings out, then another. A gunman tosses a bundle of Policy slips into the air that dance, suspended in space, gently falling, covering the blood soaked, buck-shot-riddled body of the King of Policy Kings.
    As the gray coupe disappears, leaving behind the smell of hot burning flesh in the air, Carrie runs frantically out of the building and down the sidewalk to where her dead husband lay. While she cries out into the night, neighbors and neighborhood folk by the hundreds begin to appear as murmurs, whispers and sirens begin to fill the air." -from KINGS: The True Story
    Today marks the 57th anniversary of the assassination of Ted Roe, a murder that signaled the end of "The Policy Era". Join us for a special Internet Radio Broadcast featuring acclaimed author and publisher, Nathan Thompson, whose research on Bronzeville and the Policy/Numbers Racket has sparked international interest in the largest Black owned and operated business enterprise in the USA. His book, "KINGS: The True Story of Chicago's Policyn Kings and Numbers Racketeers" has been optioned for a feature film by Quincy Jones.
    The live program, RUSHHOUR, hosted by Harold Lee Rush, will be broadcast at 10PM CT (11PM ET) tonight August 4, 2009 at the following link:

    You can also download the exclusive commemorative release on The Murder of Policy King Ted Roe by Nathan Thomson at: POLICYKINGS.COM