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    Hey fambly,

    I've put The Crossroads of Time and Speaking for the Child on Smashwords and created coupons for them.

    Rhonda Denise Johnson

    I am the oldest child of an oldest child. Born in the Washington, D.C. of 1965, I have lived on thirty-one streets in six different states. Whether my characters are fictional or factional, I like to delve deep into their minds and hearts. My...

    The Crossroads of Time is the story of two Black women. One, Chloe Marshall, is a Cal State college student in the 21st century who consults a Candomblé priestess and is taken on a time traveling journey by the orish Oya. On this journey, she meets Ayodele, , her ancestor who was stolen from Africa and enslaved on a Viginia tobacco plantation.. Their dreams intertwine as they struggle to be more than is expected of them as women and as African Americans

    Speaking for the Child: An Autobiography and a Challenge is my story about going through public schools and facing adulthood with a slowly progressive hearing and visual impairment.

    Coupon price: $1.99
    Regular price: $4.95

    This coupon is for premium members here at Destee. If interested, reply to this post or send me a conversation. When I see that you are a premium member I will send you the coupon code.