Black People : Special for Premuim Members: Sister River's Books for $1.99 in eBook Format

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    Hey fambly,

    I've put The Crossroads of Time and Speaking for the Child on Smashwords and created coupons for them.

    The Crossroads of Time is the story of two Black women. One, Chloe Marshall, is a Cal State college student in the 21st century who consults a Candomblé priestess and is taken on a time traveling journey by the orish Oya. On this journey, she meets Ayodele, , her ancestor who was stolen from Africa and enslaved on a Viginia tobacco plantation.. Their dreams intertwine as they struggle to be more than is expected of them as women and as African Americans

    Speaking for the Child: An Autobiography and a Challenge is my story about going through public schools and facing adulthood with a slowly progressive hearing and visual impairment.

    Coupon price: $1.99
    Regular price: $4.95

    This coupon is for premium members here at Destee. If interested, reply to this post or send me a conversation. When I see that you are a premium member I will send you the coupon code.