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Feb 28, 2009
I journeyed to the library today
Because the hidden delights in a book
Have always been where my passions lay
So, I searched to find a covered treasure
For a weighty tome~~I'd comb to measure
A certain, engulfing literary womb~~So my life could bloom
And would my lonely heart enrapture~~And my needy mind, capture....

So, I walked and scanned EVERY silent aisle
Even perused each forgotten, stacked pile
Earnestly looking for my printed mate
And just when I grew tired, omniscient Fate
Literally toppled a thick spine upon my head!
And, so, with curiosity fed
I proceeded to check it out
Feeling divinely led
To digest this mysteriously discovered text
My mind and heart anxious to see what came next...

But, when I arrived at the desk with my patron's card in hand
And other eyes, upon the title panned
The librarian informed me that, with my choice, there was an error
*NO! My heart suddenly filled with terror!*
But she quickly explained that THIS book was being taken out of circulation
Therefore, I couldn't have it as a LOAN
But I could purchase it for a small donation
So I eagerly paid its nominal fee
And once again, my heart swelled with glee
As I gingerly took it home
And gently wiped it clean of all its accumulated, neglected dust
Then, a cup of relaxing tea was an end-of-the-day must
As I took a hot, bubbly bath
Then, with my book in my arms
I trekked a direct path
To my awaiting bed~~~~FINALLY, I'd get to see what it said!.....

And, OH! I can't tell you the JOYS my eyes read!
But, I CAN share, at least, this:
That my mind, heart, and soul were encapsulated!
For the beautiful epic in my book
Was a private gift, just for me, perfecty pearled
A love story revealed as each page unfurled

Now, I take it with me everywhere I go
For this book is the peace-at-last home
I thought my heart would never know
And to think, it's all mine to KEEP!
All because I took a blind-trust, faith-filled leap.

O, such power in your words...as you urge each step-by-step one takes...on this journey you've orchestrated...in relating your momentous outing, while treasure hunting...discovering what lay beneath, between, and in the seams of yesterday's today. NICE way to say, I BOUGHT A BOOK.:)

wonderfully done.


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