Black Poetry : Special Delivery...A Jehiah and Nita floE

Nita said:
:blob fire:Special Delivery :blob fire:
Here we are you and I
And a soft moonlit sky
Scents of Passion fills the air
Lovin you my only care

Memorizing my Mental
Your touch soft and gentle
As your hands gently glide
Moans I can no longer hide

As you kiss me, you taste my sweetness
On the very spots that cause my weakness

Brown bodies entwined
Passion filled Bliss
Love making melodies
not a single beat missed

Exploring this Woman's Pride
I'm not ashamed, I will not hide
Jus want you to come inside
So you prepare me for the ride

Into a Sexually Forbidden playground
A new Adventure we have found
The only loss you'll hear me brag
As we play the lover's tag

Hand in hand
Deep steady strokes
Callin your name.....................(*whisper*..jehiah)
As you rock the boat

Bodies dripping with sweat
Sheets moisten beneath me
trying to release creamy waves
from loves flowing sea

Takin me higher and Higher
My mind's going insane
Callin your name louder and Louder
Tryin to put out the flame

Then, cries of pleasure fills the room
and not a moment too soon..........
As we lay together in bed
on my chest you lay your head

I smile to you,You smile to me
No greater love there could ever be
Thinking jus how you set me free...
with your
"Special Delivery"​

by Nita....*awaiting J'Hiah's reply* :shades:

this night
is something special...
your orders
have been taken
all over you...
front back
side to side...
ride me
slow motion...

let me give you the
lover's potion-
strawberry feed you
warm vanilla
for lotion
and enough inches of me
to swim
cumpletely in your ocean...

l feel your tongue
my neck
******* you simultaneously
l've awaited
this since forever...
put your back against the wall
and we
do it to the rhythm of passion
until we free fall
without missing a beat...

special delivery from your head to your feet...


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