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Mar 22, 2004
Where the Niger meets the Nile
Hey Fambly,

As I said last month I am kicking off this series to give special honor to those ancestors whose lives carry personal inspiration for us. What we will do is choose an ancestor whose life, career, accomplishments, character and/or struggles match and/or want to match our own. Learn what we can about this particular ancestor then share with the fambly why that particular ancestor inspires us. To make it really special we will explore how to construct an ancestor shrine to communicate with our chosen ancestor and make his/her qualities our own.

To start the ball rolling I have chosen Gwendolyn Bennet . Go to the following link to see what I hae to say about her and see what brotha Sek has to say about building ancestor shrines. You don't have to build a website or a shrine to participate in this thread. Just choose an ancestor and share.



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Apr 22, 2003
Here's one of my many favorites.

Mary Ann Shadd Cary

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Mary Ann Shad Cary is noted for her attacks on slavery and promotion of self-reliance. Her gift of writing in a both elegant and targeted way attracted readers to her ideas. She preached against those who took advantage of freed slaves and tried to teach these slaves how to be self reliant. In 1850 the Fugitive Slave Law was passed and Mary and her brother, Isaac, emigrated to Canada with the rest of the American Black exodus.

In Canada, Mary founded a racially integrated school in Canada with the support of the American Missionary Association. At this time she joined abolitionists Mary and Henry Bibb to fight against exploitive antislavery agents known as "begging agents." She simultaneously criticized Black Southern ministry and other Blacks who did not teach intellectual growth and self reliance to other Blacks. In 1852 she wrote "Notes on Canada West" which pursuaded American Blacks to come to Canada.


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