Black Poetry : SPEAK 2 AFRICA(what will u say?)


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Sep 17, 2006
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if u cud talk to africa what wud u say?
if ya life is a game how will u play?
if u knew GOD is a friend of urs n he's around now
how will u behave?
if u cud be a family member of a celebrity
who wud u relate? and y?
back 2 da topic at hand if u cud speak 2 africa
what what u say?

answer if u wanna i really want u 2 answer though.
take ya time write a whole page if u can

da 1st answer is what i want.da others can be short n please seperate them
what ever u say wit ya permission might appear in a new magazine in africa,ghana.

thank u.
Wonderful idea

If I could speak to Africa
I would say you are
the past and the future
a fallen, but ever rising star
I would say that within you
is the answer to life's mystery
Within you is the beauty and the
depths of the world's history

If my life was a game
then for keeps, I would play
If I knew God were around now
I'd behave like I do every day
If I had a celebrity relative
I would just live life my way

If I could speak to Africa
my heart would cry out
And Africa would feel the
warmth I exude without a doubt


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