Black Poetry : Spawn of a New Day

Street So'ja

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Mar 19, 2001
Brooklyn, New York
spawn of a new day brings new hope
learn new things meet new folks
passing words that were spoke
on a visual note

true poets of another dimension
another session
another lesson
with God's blessing

we tend to mingle
and what brings you
is poems that make you tingle
you can feel it in every single
high like Air Jordan
all the talent so important
so i'm talking

to the poets
the one who know it
have talent wanna show it
flow it

the talent is god given
soul driven
all the walks of life we're living
and the flows we are bringing
keep the bells ringing

spawn of a new day
as the sun rise
days of our lives
give and take and compromise
plans and surprise
what is born surely dies

but the soul of a poet is forever
deep in the core for good or better
write whatever
what is clever

i must write quell this thirst
and this is the first

Spawn of a New Day

From The Streets


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