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Jan 22, 2002
Hello- I wanted to share some information about my new book-Sparkledoll-Always Into Something

"Has anyone ever told you that you'll never amount to anything? I heard it plenty of times growing up from teachers and counselors. I spent a good portion of my teenage years in trouble with the law or messing around with boys who were in gangs. I saw that my life was going nowhere fast, and I decided that I wanted a future. I enrolled in college. I soon found out that college was a wild and crazy place. This is my story. Oh yeah, I had a whole lot of fun along the way-- and I don't regret one minute."

Lori Baldwin has lived through some crazy things. Sparkledoll-Always Into Something is a juicy tell-all about her experiences with love, friendship and the college experience.

Lori details her many escapades with candid detail and leaves readers wanting more. You will too, once you read her story.

From the author...
Sparkledoll-Always Into Something is an inspirational story of a young girl who overcomes some of the angst and bad behavior of her early teen years and heads to college. Prior to attending college, Lori often found herself in trouble with the law or playing dangerous games with boys. She easily could have become a inner city of Chicago statistic, gang member or high school drop out, but she decides that she wants more for herself.

After obtaining financial aid, Lori heads to Southern Illinois University, a college in a small town 300 miles from the hustle and bustle of Chicago. At college, Lori makes some mistakes and has to deal with some very grown up situations with friends and relationships. What I want readers to get from this book is that we all learn and grow, and we often have to go through a lot of the bumps and the heartache of our late teens and early twenties to become successful, productive adults.

Released in November of 2001, Sparkledoll Always Into Something (ISBN 0-595-20805-3) this title is available from IUNIVERSE.COM, .Amazon.Com-Order Now and via book resellers everywhere.

Sparkledoll-Always Into Something Official Web Site Please visit the official website for reviews, excerpts, interviews and much more

Jan 22, 2001
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Welcome ~ Welcome ~ Welcome

:wave: :wave: :wave:

Thanks for joining us and sharing your book. I've visited your web site, it's very nice. Thanks for adding it to the Destee Network too! :)

Wishing you much success with your endeavor.

Please make yourself at home.



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Mar 21, 2001
welcome within enjoy ya stay

I second dat motion of destee's
wishing u much luck and i'll visit
u again soon....:D
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