Black Poetry : Spark Man Stage


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Nov 9, 2019
electricity to the brain
like Lewis Latimer imagine your light bulb
to be lit
flowing out
solar power panels posted
powerlines attached to each telephone pole
bridges illuminated
a way for the dead to walk live
across the otherside wired in
optic fiber
put my hands together when speaking knowledge into your openness
lock your cipher back
electrostatic fact is shocking
realizing now when the two gates close down permanently
plug you into the socket of my realm of
Spark Man...
voltage surging
currents popping
and my backbone have breakers that don't trip
funk with me without being grounded
and immah reach out and touch ya
distributing my maximum
when you felt I couldn't your muscle memory memorized the jolt clinching tendons onsight
be enlightened about why
they call me Spark Man....

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