Chief Elder Osiris : Sowing the Seeds of Solutions

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    Sowing the Seeds of Solutions

    Hoteph Beloved:

    Beloved, what I am about to share with you is not to be taken as an effort by me to be disrespectful to anyone, but when the topic is about Afrika and the so call Afrikans Freedom, then I can not compromise the burden of responsibility we all carry to save Afrika and the Black so call Afrikans Life and such safety will not be realized, not until we all come to the realization that there is no other place on this planet that can serve as a secured place for our Black so call Afrikan Life, but that place referred to as Afrika is our safe haven, such a Divine Truth should not be compromised.

    Now, here is the Black so call Afrikan American Problem and I zero in on us here because we set the Trend of Black attitude and Behavior for all other so call Afrikans, wherever we may be, so we must be always mindful of what we say concerning Afrika and the Black so call Afrikan, when the discussion is about our Freedom.

    First of all beloved, there is no short cut for the action that is claimed to be of an interest in Afrika and the sisters and Brothers in Afrika receiving a change of Life situation that will bring Justice and Freedom to our people, that will only take place in Afrika, and as I have told you, my primary concern is about Afrika and the People that have always lived there, being not immigrants, other than from a distant Galaxy and from another Solar system.

    Beloved, there will never be Divine Freedom and Justice realized for you in America or anywhere else in the Diaspora and any effort to suggest that such can be accomplished is only playing into the hand of our oppressors.

    No amount of so call Pan Afrikan Jester will be enough to Save Afrika, ourselves in the Diaspora nor our Kit And Kin in Afrika, so we can pretend all we so want to, about establishing a Trade partnership or having a Pan Afrikan Charity Jester that extend to Afrika, and then we pretend that we be doing something to aid Afrika and the Sisters and Brothers there that will free Their Divine Mind.

    Modern day so call Pan - Afrikanism is a act of disrespect to our Ancient Ancestors of all Dispensation of Time, and such a jester is being advocated just to sooth our act of neglect from not doing what we have been brought here to do, which is to become prepared and qualified to return Home and get about the Action of saving Afrika and our Sisters and Brothers, first from ourselves and from the invaders in Afrika, but you know what ? we who made the Middle Passage Journey, we have fallen victim psychologically to identify with our oppressors and now we have not the Burning fire needed in your Mind about our Enslaved Ancestors Home Land, that must serve as the Drive to take us Home and be willing to do all that is Necessary to get us there, because there is where Divine Justice is, for all Black Folks.

    Yet here we are, attempting to compromise the reality of our position and condition in America by insinuating that second class opportunity, Injustice, and a Imitation Freedom, is alright for the Afrikan American, as we are willing to improvise about our condition in America by implying that Black Folks Freedom, Independence, Justice, and the Sovereignty of our Black Life can in fact be obtained in America, when any Divine Thinking Black Being, know that is not the case, claiming that we can win here in America, never will we be allowed to live on this Stolen Land as a Sovereign Black People, Free and Independent and I must say, anything Less, keep the Black so call Afrikan to be a Mental Slave and when the Mind is not Free, the Life of the Black Afrikan is lived Hypocritically.

    There is no alternative that will Justify the children Of The Middle Passage from having the responsibility to return home to that so call Place, Afrika.

    So. what is the solution to our Problem that will Free us to return home, well it is something you do not want to do, which is pull off of your garment of Ego, Envy, Jealousy and recognize the Divine Mentally Strong amongst you and they be those that Know exactly what happen to us Black Folks and the reason why, but most important is to know whom we Divinely are, which will alert you to know the importantance of raising the Issue of Reparation with One Voice and for One Purpose, which is to Repatriate back To Afrika with our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation and that we Children of the Middle Passage Must become the next established state in Afrika, and when that happen, Afrika and the Afrikans will become Reunited Again and that Beloved, is the Solution to Afrika and the Afrikan Problem and it stand without Compromise.

    But you know what, the Compromising so call Afrikan America, a Dishonest to Self, you rather seek an alternative to that which has been Written by the stars, concerning what it is we Must do to Save Self and Afrika, and it most certainly will not happen Here, playing the phony Game of Pan- Afrikanism.

    You Can Take It Or Leave It Where It Is, Alone, The Divine Truth I Speak Of !!!


    Chief Elder

    Sowing the Seeds of Solutions


    The Year 2008 will have to be about "Sowing the seeds of Solutions."
    By now we should be well aware of our enemies, who they are, and how they operate as well as their plans.

    This is the perfect year to sow seeds for building a Global African nation. And if that is too much of a strength for some, it is time we change our train of thought and start building right here.

    Every major Black metropolis, should have an invisible bridge that stretches back to Africa. Meaning, that every city where we populate is a small Africa, and that bridge represents our willingness to do business and trade with our Brothers and Sisters back home. Atlanta and New York are already doing this.

    Let's stop all the crying and complaining, and start working and building solutions. Running down a list of problems we have as people is no major feat, let's start providing solutions to these problems.

    We start now. It begins with building nations, communities and families. If survival is indeed the key, we need better ways to survive.

    We should focus on "how" we are organized already. What are our habits? What do we agree on? And build on those things instead of preaching to the choir. What are our survival needs? Housing happens to be one of them. Housing is also where we are the most organized. Millions of Africans in America live in Apartments, yet are strangers to one another. Blocks upon blocks of people living as strangers. This has to end.

    If our people used their housing situations to organize, they would be able to "survive" better. First of all, they could then use their group status to solicit for better housing and more affordable rates on their utilities. Basically, everything starts with family then community, then nation. We might sit around and complain about the Jews and Latinos but these groups are following something very natural and African. Organize. If 10 families have the same habits and think alike these families should become one. Why do we think those who are lost gravitate towards Church, gangs or the mob?

    They want to belong to a collective.

    It has always been about family, community and nation. Anyone who hasn't figured this out yet obviously is looking in a different direction instead of the most simple and natural.

    A broken community is the result of broken families. If we really want to "heal" the broken family, we will have to provide solutions to several issues. First, a Man and Father is the bridge between the family and community. He is an extension of both. If Man doesn't work he doesn't eat, we've all heard this right? So how can a family exist without "work" for the Man. It can't. A Man will fulfill his natural destiny by procreating, but how can he be a "provider" if there is no work for him?

    Those who often speak about Men being Father are sometimes ignorant of this fact. One cannot exist without the other. A Man as a Father has to be a provider as well, this is the nature of real Manhood. There are drugdealers in the community who raise their children. There are Men who are in and out of jail of provide for their offspring. So we really need to focus on a real solution opposite of what white media has offered and designed for us to look at.

    Study the metropolis, and ask questions. Men are programmed to be providers, he will find the most logical way for him to do so. Young Men however culturally are not Fathers. This is throughout the world, not only in America and not just African people. If we are organized and intelligent we will realize that most Men are dedicated Fathers for the age 25 and up. If you really wanted a strong Father figure start at 40.

    However, there has never been anything wrong with Males having children under 25 or even in their Teenage years until Christianity. The other point that should be made is that if community is left out of the equation the family is broken anyway. Young people who produce children culturally do not raise children on their own, nor have they ever been expected to. As a people we are too infected with White people's opinions of us to see the truth of these things.

    Basically, we are buying into to many un-natural ideas, this is also due to how we are educated in this country and who our educators are. Sit and listen to the intelligent voice of our Ancestors, they are trying to lead us to our solutions.

    Pay attention to the ideas we buy into! Where is the Black Man finding his work in order to survive? This work should be provided by his community- right? A Family Man "works" for the family.


    Ask this question to our young Mothers, ask this question to our Men and Brothers. Ask it and let's be totally honest. We are not building Family Men, because the ideas we are sold of Black Manhood are not family Men - they are system slaves.

    And these are the ideas we are drug dealing to one another, and these are the ideas we are getting high off, and these are also the ideas young Black Men are building themselves for. Again- we are talking about the emotional body. The more we feed our emotional body these ideas the more we create them and the more others will gravitate towards what we create.

    Who is giving the Black Father his props, respect and love? Meanwhile we worship other images of Black Men that aren't positive for us. The Black Male Pimp and Thug only benefits them. Our young Black Men want to do what will get them out of their situation - period.

    Let's pull the Family Man aside for a minute and ask him, Brother- where do you work, how do you make your money? How are you supporting your Wife and family?

    There needs to be a serious dialog in America about real Black Fathers, who are not drug dealers, pimps and thugs who work everyday to support themselves and families. Men who were fortunate enough to be built up by a community that believed in the Family Man. If we are expecting young Black Men to be Fathers who stay home and support their wives, we are fools. If no one has created the curriculum and support system for this how is this possible?

    If a Man really wants to be a Father and Family Man he naturally grows into this on his own anyway, however it does take time. By the time we are between 25-35, we have found a cycle and pattern for providing for our survival needs and then a Man can decided to bring others into the equation. If Family is attempted before this, a Man and Woman will need the assistance of other Mothers and Fathers.

    Our Elder Mothers and Fathers already know this, just ask them. In fact, our Elders should be our Media news.

    2008 is where we should sow our solutions seeds. Bring back the Elders and appoint them over community leadership. Our Elders are the only social engineers we need. Not that we will always agree with them, but it's good to know the truth even if we wish to deny it.

    If we are not willing to nation build, then there is no hope. Because without the collection of our strength, and the unity of our minds we are doomed for failure anyway.

    Which would mean the war will have to left up to those who know how to fight it.