Chief Elder Osiris : Sowing The Seed Of Liberation Over the Land Of The Black mind

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    Sowing The Seed Of Liberation Over the Land Of The Black mind

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    Hoteph Beloved sisters and Brothers:

    What is wrong with you Black woman and Man, have you allowed your Mind to be replaced with a counterfit Mind and that is why you appear to be immune to the obligation you have, to Liberate your People, and stop them from being used as cannon fodder by those peple that have thrown the gauntlet down before you, letting you know that they are committed to keeping you enclosed in that false Mind they have implanted in your brain ?

    From the very first Time we appeared upon this Planet call Earth we have been an example of what Living the First Way of Life is to Black DivinePeople and for ages we were the Sower of theSeed of the Divine Knowledge concerning GOD, Universe, and Life Self, but Woe has come upon black people because we no longer know what it is we must do to Liberate Black folks in america, here by way of the Middle Passage and has risen to become the Life Raft to our Enslaved Ancesrors Land and Afrikan People in Afrika, such was the reason and purpose the action of Chattel Slavery was permitted to happen and here you Black Folks are , lost from the Divine Knowledge, a requirement we must meet if Afrika and Black so call Afrikan People is to ever rise again out from under the Counterfit Mind that not control the belief of Black people.

    Black Woman and Man, there is no Time for you to continue to wear the Human Being Ego on your Shoulder and express it toward your Sisters and Brothers that happen to have been chosen to make the Middle Passage Journey, away with your Human Being Iniquities, shourded in Jealousy of your Kit and Kin that rise now to serve as evidence that there is nothing the Devilish oppressors can do to you that is everlasting, we have taken the oppressors best shot of evil action acted against us and yet we still stand serving as evidence to the evil forces in the World that yes, we are whom you have known us to be for ages and we in the Diaspora America are those you been searching and waiting for to come and now you are in preparation to try and exterminate us once and for all, not expecting a fight fromthe Children of the Middle Passage because you know what you have done to those people Divine Mind, as you observe Black Folks in america living in accordance to the dictate of the counterfit Mind which you the enforcers of Evil now control.

    Yet I am here to verify what the devilish enforcers of evil against Black People already know, which is, the moment Black Folks petition our Ancient Cosmic Divine Ebonite Ancestors for the return of the Black Divine Mind, such will be the moment the escalation of the fall of Evil will begin to take place as the rise of the Divine Black Being will be elevated back upon the Divine Throne of Divine Black Theological Knowledge, the door way through which the understanding of the Divine First Way of Life Living will be a mystery to Black People no longer.

    The Time has come for the Divine Black Nationalist Spiritualist, seekers of the First Way of our Black Divine way of Life Living, members of the Newly established First Way Institute Of Afrikan Mythicism / Sankofa Repatriation Movement, to become the Original Sowers of the Seed of The Divine Truth and Revealers of Universal Reality, knowing and understanding that the Seed that must be Sowed upon the Land Mind of Black so call Afrikan People must be Seeds capable of Sprouting into the action for Black Folks in america here by way of the Middle Passage Liberation and for Afrikans in Afrika a Revoloutionary Change and togather the fruit from our Labor will be the Reunification of Afrika and Afrikan People and only a Fool will object to such a Divine Prophecy concerning a once Divine Cosmic Ebonite People.

    You Black Folks that are so in Love with america, so much so, until you have been made to despise your Mother Land Afrika.

    I have News for you, america is on the decline, as a matter of fact there is no more United States Of america, the action of Time has moved around to the point of the Divine Ebonite Cosmic Beings Original comming to this Planet, which represent the First Way of all action taken by our Ancient Cosmic Divine Ebonite Ancestors Life way of Living upon this Planet call Earth by white Folks, and Tiamat by our Ancient Divine Ebonite Seers and to disobey the Motion of Time is to disobey that we refer to as God and to a disobedient child, such a behavior reap nothing but pain and life destruction, which will be caused by a dying america, as a last act to destroy what Time has so verified, the rise of a once lost Divine Cosmic Ebonite Nation, a universal action that does not placate to the sentiments of Corporeal Anthorpormorphous Beings, Divine you originally were and has the opportunity to be again, as so being revealed by the Motion of Time, whose cycle is on a continous path reprenetining Past and Present as the two alternate one with the other, as each passing day become the day before and the day after, yesterday and today, as today become yesterday and Tommorrow become today, where all action of Life take place.

    There are some Black Folks among us that have become the Sower of Lies about GOD, Universe And Life Way of Black Living, seeking always to please the Evil Husband Man of the Counterfit Black Mind, always at work confusing the Black Mind as the oppressors are not ever at rest from tilling the Mind of Black people, as the negro Sow theSeeds Of Deception, causing nothing but passiveness in the False Mind of a once Divine Black Being.

    We have talked enough as we reminist about the evil visited upon the Mind of Black Folks by those devilish White/Zionist/Arab oppressors and how unjust those with the power that cause the destruction of the Black Woman and Man House, both Physical and Mentally really are, so the challenge become today is for all True Divine Cosmic Ebonite Children become Sowers of theSeed Of Liberation away from america, as we demand our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, understanding that we are at a pivotal point in Time, whereby the Devilish oppressors are furously out to destroy as well as perminently Mental paralyze the Divine Mind of Black people, by incarserating, killing, infecting with deadly viruses, performing labotimy, and placing in concentration camps all Black people in order to get to the Divine Black Nationalist Spiritualist, those that have risen to seek and practice the First Way of our Ancient Divine Cosmic Ebonite Ancestors, Sower of the Seed Of Liberation.

    Now to read this without the mental ability to comprehend the Esoteric of Devine Teaching, will cause the Fool in an attempt to cover up ignorance and will in fact attempt to demean the Truth of that which is not familiar to the Foolishness of the negro mind, now this is not labelling, it is just identifying the behavior of those that now behave abnormal, because such a Mind belong to the mastery of the Human Being, the Divine Cosmic Ebonite Children of the First Way of Life Living On This Planet, Earth has become immune to the evil acts of those that oppress Black People.

    Let us begin to Sow the Seed Of our Liberation and abandon the Fruits of our oppression and return Home To Afrika and Reunite The Divine Ebonite Nation, returning to the First Way of our way of Life Living, which was totally original and not traditional, Orderly and not Ritualistic.

    In america it should be, it must be for the Black Minds in america, Freedom and not a perpetuation of endless acts of survival, the Divine First Way Nature of Black folks happen to be Freedom.

    So It Is, And so It shall Be!!!

    The Truth, The Negro Despise The Truth And Serve to Be a Traitor to The Black Race!!!

    Beloved, Only The Devil Is Displeased Concerning This Revelation, As I Share With you The Truth, Having No Concern With What Your Behavior Will Be Toward Me, Because I Follow The Path So Charted For Me By Our Ancient Divine Cosmic Ebonite Ancestors, As I Have Only Love For You Who Know, and Know Not.

    Date, Time And Place can be assigned to Truth and Lies, but Sound Profound Reasoning and Logic, Bed Down only with Truth

    Remain strong and always be alert, taking no one for granted.

    Free your Mind and conquer Fear and the Black Divinity will return, bringing the Liberation of the Divine Black so call Afrikan Nation, which is now divided and fearful of God in this life, because of the devil religion.

    The Truth, Black folks Despise The Truth, Thus serve as a sign of how hateful we are toward the You of ourselves and how well programmed we Black Folks are.

    I come sharing the Truth not with arrogance, but with the Divine
    meekness so required of me by our Ancient Cosmic Dark ancestors.
    > The Truth is not to be claimed, it require that it be known and
    understood, relinquishing all irrational emotions, attributes of Lies
    and act of deception.

    I Will Present The Truth Wherever I Can Get Truth An Appearance,
    Even In The Midst Of Black Folks Fears and Divisiveness!!! -osiris
    > Here Is Loving the Black So Call Afrikan,Even In Spite Of
    > It Is Time to Elevate The Truth and Condemn The Lie!!!-osiris
    > It Is The Black Fool That say, I Have Lost Nothing In Afrika!!!-
    > It Is The Fool That Ignore The Truth In Favor Of a Fool!!!-osOsiris

    > Run! Run!, Run Black Woman And Man, Back Into The Safety Of Your

    > The Human Being Say God Command, The Divine Say God Reprimand
    > All Respect and Honor to That Black Prophet, The Honorable Marcus
    > Hoteph
    > Chief Elder
    > Sankofa Repatriation Movement
    > Hierophant, Teacher Of Ancient Black Theology