South Africa : South Africa Marks 50th Anniversary of Massacre

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    South Africa marks 50th anniversary of massacre

    By NASTASYA TAY, Associated Press Writer Nastasya Tay, Associated Press Writer ? Sun Mar 21, 11:10 am ET

    JOHANNESBURG ? Family members of victims raised flowers to the sky and placed them on gravestones Sunday as mourners sang songs from the anti-apartheid struggle to mark the 50th anniversary of a massacre that drew world condemnation.

    Others used the Sharpeville massacre anniversary to highlight the inequalities that remain in the township a half century later, including poor delivery of electricity and running water.

    At an early morning prayer meeting in Sharpeville's Roman Catholic Church, an impassioned congregation raised their voices in song in the stained glass dawn light.

    "All we could see were people falling down. It was like a storm ... bullets tearing their clothes," the Rev. Mary Senkhane recalled of her own experience on that day 50 years ago.

    Police officers killed 69 black South Africans in Sharpeville, where people had gathered to protest the pass books that the white apartheid government required them to carry at all times. Police shot demonstrators including women and children as they ran away. Read More