Black Poetry : sound in the clouds playing so clear

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    baby I am here in my garden
    sitting under a tree
    my precious moon shining its light
    on the magnolia blossoms

    listening to Until by Cassandra Wilson
    and A House Is Not A Home by Luther
    in a continuous loop
    your love tracking its essence
    all over my mind

    quill and inkwell in my hands
    parchment paper in my lap
    writing to you just the way you see me
    as a gifted writer and a beautiful woman

    please forgive me darling
    I was so blinded by our silly rift
    I honestly couldn't see
    you weren't just supporting me
    as my greatest fan
    but that you were also demonstrating
    your love for me

    thank you for always
    calling me by my given name
    it means so much to me that you do
    though moon flower has a ring to it too
    they mean the same after all

    yes music man come
    let the two of us merge our love
    my curves against your body
    my strings in your hands

    may our love retain its childlike energy
    my intrigue tickling your intellect
    sleeping some nights
    with my belly pressed against your back

    and please can I take care of you
    cook your meals
    wash your body
    rub your feet
    scratch your scalp
    oil your back
    kiss your lips
    hold you tight
    and all that secret down under stuff too
    but can you please iron all my skirts (smile)

    my so sweet and so sexy butterfly
    please come join me
    on the ledge of this poem
    place my hands inside your own
    for I am wrapping my words in lace
    and running red satin bows through out my verse
    hoping that you know forevermore
    you can come and lay your head on my breasts
    and can share with me all your deepest secrets

    come let us take that legendary
    leap of faith into the river of our love
    my heart body soul and mind
    your loves home--until...

    I love you, James
    and feel so blessed to have yours
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