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Jan 25, 2001

I'll always be there for you
when in doubt, I'll be there too
I'm with you everywhere
it's okay to cry when your heart is in dismay
we have a bonding relation
I'll be there for the duration
when your down and need uplifting anyday
think about the good times
your dreams
your desire for living
life teach many lessons
but they are also blessings
I'm there with you
I have confidence in you
through the struggles that confront you
I'll always be in the back of your mind
reasurring you that I'll see you through
we have a partnership
I am you
you are me
we are one
I will not let you fall
I'm in it for the long haul
I love you no matter what
beauty unfold from your soul
even between the fold
you still glow
how can I judge you?
we all have faults we can't deny
learn from them as you dry your eyes
your not in this alone
I will find the strength for you
become your sunshine
when your days are blue
when ever you need to talk
I'm there to listen
we can even go for a walk
I reassure you
every moment has meaning
so lift your head up high
with these words I dictate
as you glaze in the mirror...

at your Soulmate

Self-Love is Endless



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