Black Poetry : "SoulMate"


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Oct 25, 2004
"One or two persons compatible with each other in disposition, viewpoint or sensitivity"

Do you have an Soulmate?
Wish you had an Soulmate?
Love to Love or Love to hate the great debate, of a Soulmate?

I suppose, that, they do exist
I suppose, that, it's okay to wish, that I find mines
or let him find me, or that we bump into each other, casually

However the case, will he grace my presence....
and just when you think "Ahh-he's the ONE!"
you're caught-stuck! penned under the Thumb-
of Saturn, The Grumpy S.O.B.
here to teach you, her, him and Me!
Now Venus-she's nice, she, makes Life,
seem like a breeze, she brings Love, Laughter and Luxury
That's My Girl-we tight like this Son'!
Last we left off-she said she'd send me 'One

'One whose Intellect is worn on his sleeve,
soo much outer/inner Beauty-you wouldn't believe
that he even exists!, 'One who persists, in all that he does
ALWAYS acknowledging the Lord up Above,
Puts his Queen on a pedestal Soo High
Quick to ask WHO, WHAT, WHERE and WHY
Protects His, Ours' and Mines',
When making Love-he takes his time.....lessn' of course I change my mind...
Loyal and committed-he won't stray,
and He'd be hetero ALL the way!!!
When we argue-it's more like PLAY,
Happiness from me-He'd not take away
Our Seeds'-He'd Sow, having GREAT Pride
When our first is Born-He'd say "Queen-how I cried!
Did you see that head-that definately ain't mine-He got that from you-Your Family's side!
I'd laugh-he'd laugh-we'd laugh some more, he'd kiss my head and say "Get some more,
sleep my Love-you need your rest,
I'll hold our Prince...."
and We'd have the BEST,
Time of our lives.......

My Soulmate....when will You, someday, I find?......


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