Black Poetry : SOUL-stice (S squared)


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Mar 19, 2001
give birth 2
each other during our
fuse our bodies into 1
and ignore the world's

the SUN will orbit us/become envioUS
of our axis

our temperature will melt unseen
stars that hide behind the day
and fill love's river with the rain...

flowing 2 OVERflowing

the MOON will bow to us/sing
sensuous/ on the wind and
we'll dance in total darkness
to perfection.....


unbroken by sound
drapes us in the rhythmic heartbeat of
unborn passages that tongues
hold close
so thoughts are not conceived

so we conversate with
tactile sensations and roam
upon each other body to body
..........we release ourselves
to rise over the horizon
and embrace a virgin

(c)2001 blakverb
Awww YES, but

This be tight -- Blakman!!

Perhaps - we can make
"dew" ...
in the wake of
Sunday morning's wet-ness
a two-bodied berry-shine without the
effort of the sun's rays
or its daily devotional sermon


Can we observe
each other's AxiStence
beyond the 70th parallel
and take slow sips of each others'
mental beverages -- D'licious
and warm as
the heat's intensity
rises --

Distinguish moisture
whipped kisses by polarizing
completely unified bodies
underneath the crystals
of the moon's
-- nite-light

.... Maybe?

Shall our minds order a
matrix so that all nonzero
elements occur on the
diagonal left of your facial smile
to the lower right of my
C.L.I.T.O.R.I.A.L grin ~

-- cum again?! --

joining these to vertices of
bodily polydrons
that are not of the same face
in order to outline a relationship's
beginning stage
and final passage

Perhaps ~~we can create
the meiosis of a new
kind of love - measured
by the upward motion
of a diapason sundial
as you pass
through the center
of my cerebral sphere
effortlessly illuminating
inner ~SOUL~ peace
leaving traces of
your body's movements
upon my own to
be studied
for all eternity


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