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Jun 22, 2001
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Soul Shivers at Common Ground

We sat and slept together
as we waited for her to take the stage.

I told him to sit beside me
between my bare skin and the window
to keep me warm,
and when he did started a four-alarm
somewhere in my flame-retardant soul.
With my hand on his,
I traced my initial lightly on his thumb,
west to east,
tip to base.
Even with him sitting beside me,
i could feel the brisk night air
wrap itself around me
and i shivered.
My leg still twitches
in the spot where he traced his silent sonnet,
unintelligible words in a circle on my thigh
in some salty, sultry language
of lovers past and lovers to be.
When it was over,
he touched me
he shook me
and I leapt from my dream world to his.
His face was the first I saw
and I shivered as he moved away from me.
We rose in unison
and weaved our way through
noisy conversations,
clanking plates,
cigarette spirits,
and java beans.
He gave me his jacket before we stepped outside
to protect me from the breeze,
to keep me from shivering.
We walked all the way
to the edge of the earth
far from the sun
and i shivered as the faceless night sky
whispered its secrets to my cinnamon shell.
We parted and i found my way
safely back to Common Ground.
I stepped inside
and left the chilly spirits behind me.
I sat serenely
and there in the warmth,
I shivered...

but not because i was cold.

peace, yall...


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