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    I was wondering what is a soul mate and do you have one. I never fully understood the concept of it. And are you supposed to marry your soul mate? Some people say that you don't have to necessarily be with your soul mate, but I don't even know what it is.
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    Greetings legit-writer. There is a reason why some people don't fully understand the concept of "Soul Mates" in particular, because it is dealing directly with reincarnation, an idea, for the most part that has been extracted from current belief systems.

    Without understanding reincarnation, no one truly understands "Soul Mates" and actually, even those who think they understand what a Soul Mate is, something don't because we've closed our minds out from actualizing past memories beyond this mind and body.

    For this reason, many people waste time with "familiar" Souls, rather than actually "Soul Mates" there is a big difference. Its true we do have many Soul Mates. I'm sure females love to tell the Man, I'm you're one and only Soul Mate- but this is untrue. While it sounds very romantic and loyal, no one has just one Soul Mate.

    As we journey through eternity, as the spiritual beings we really are, we exchange energy with other spiritual beings. The beings that contain more of "OUR" energy than all the others, are our Soul Mates.

    This "journey through eternity" happens on several levels. We spend more time on this side of the fence, or more time on the other. I speak of the spirit realm and the physical realm.

    We can confuse a Soul Mate with a Familiar Soul, because a familiar soul is someone you've met before in a past life, yet you never had any energy exchange, or you did but it wasn't enough to make them a part of your spiritual family. Soul Mates are usually part of the same spiritual family. Its not odd at all, to find a Soul Mate that looks like certain members in your own family. Or that, all Soul Mates have some of the same features or physical attributes.

    When I met my first Soul Mate, when I first saw her face to face, I felt a heavy electrical charge go through my body. Many people would call that love at first sight. Or, in science they might say, I was meeting the female that matched my model of the perfect female in my bloodline. Yet, this feeling also happens when we meet a significant portion of our energy, inside someone else. And while, it is not fair to say we are halves until we met our Soul Mate- it can be said that we are un-referenced, until we find that person that understands who we are at the core of all of our experiences.

    Its also important to understand the job of a Soul Mate. We meet so we can retrieve past memories and energy that is stored up in the other person, and vice versa. And when we learn and experience this again, by choice- we can move on to others. This is why we have many Soul Mates. On another level, Men who run around with several Women at a time, are in a sense creating Soul Mates for their incarnations. Like a Dog, peeing to mark territory. However, this doesn't always work, especially for Females- it takes more than sex to create a Soul Mate. It takes a degree of life experiences, and even Deaths.

    When a spiritual being has retrieved enough of itself for this life experience, it may choose to settle with a final Soul Mate. This is usually the one that is carried over with them into the Spirit Realm. No matter who departs first, one always carries the energy of the other, and prepares a place for it. As the scholars of the Bible wrote for Jesus "I go there now to prepare a place for you" this was a concept used in marriage, when either partner was dying before the other. A Soul "Mate" as the Husband or Wife carries over the energy of the other.

    The final Soul Mate is usually the most learned and evolved of all the others. He or She is also the Mate that has most of our cosmic memories. But besides Soul Mates, we also have Soul Doubles. Soul Doubles are like Soul Mates but they are usually of the same gender. And because we've lost the understanding of reincarnation, Soul Doubles are now confused with Soul Mates. Twin Soul, is another term used for Soul Doubles.
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