Black Short Stories : Soul Food


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
It was one early summer sunny morning in 1966, a Sunday to remember as granny "Lulu" awaken looking at the old shack house on the edge of town.
Grandpa Joe soon after awaken as they was getting ready for sunday morning church, she started singing one of them old negro spirtruals.
You know that southren soul music, I could hear her throughout the house.

Later in the day upon our arrival home grandpa sat in his old broken back chair while granny was prepairing supper, she could really cook and often fix
more then we could eat, but this sunday was different and a start of what i called soul food !
There was hot butta cornbread , peas and greens she has mac & cheese, hamhocks, that had the old house smelling so good my noise couldn't
keep up and you could smell her peach cobbler a mile away , on the wooden table sat a 3 layer caramel cake looking so yummy , as i went outback to
fetch some "well" water to soak them fresh apples for the apple pies, she cooked stringbeans , and ham that grandpa had from that old hog , it was some
of everything on that table , by 3:30 that day i notice two cars rumbling up the clay road kickin up dust it was my uncle Luke and aunt Betty and the
other car was cuzzin Tom , John and Tina as i welcome them in ,
there was two more coming and i got scared wondering what was wrong !

Wow ! it was Bobbie Jean and her husband waldo, lil flip , norfleet and George
Melvinna , kimberly and todd i was so happy to see every body .
Momma & Daddy came from cross the fields of corn too .
Grandma walked in the little room at the door as they all gether inside, she said babies today we come together in blessings
to what will be our family bond , see back then they didn't call it triditions
but bonding family of love.
As i was watching looking at my family and all the food prepared, i yelled
this a Soul Food feast , Granny looked at me and smile , saying "Yes babie it
Just then Rev.Booth and sister Angel entered as Rev. said", my my my praised the lord for all the beautiful children upon us today.
Soon we was all seated around the wooden table filled with joy as Grandpa
blessed it, being head of the house in all .

We laugh and talked enjoying dinner it was so fun that us was together and we did it for another 11 years every sunday eveuntil that day !
The day bond was broken by death as granny left us to be in glory.

We took a turn in what was "called sunday soul food feast".

To be continued Pt.2 The Dividing Pain .
Funny yet sad how the younger folks can let go of what's been going on
in a traditional way when the Head has passed on , but yet they don't know
of the pain they may be causing the family and who is willing to step forward ?

Dividing Pain will reveal why / who and when .......Thank you for reading me .


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