Black Poetry : Soul Food -(West Indian Style)


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Jan 11, 2008
eartH (Heart) is my home
child care provider


Ur words carry to me, sweet as Poppy’s fried plantain
Calling me out from hiding, fill me to sustain
Come, sit down, and share, make sure to fill ur plate
All you need is here, everything else can wait
Leave the worry at the door, stress & troubles too
Together as a family there ain’t nothin’ we can’t do
That’s Soul Food really – nurturing and some love
Don’t ever need an excuse, we do it just because
Aki ‘n salt-fish cakes, Hmmm child, now ur talking
Wanderers get weary and need to just stop walking
Cassava for the strength, remember okra purifies
What ya need for cook-up is plenty o’sweet black-eyes
Fried chicken, curry goat I think we got it all
Unless u need some more, then bring on the dahl.
Matouks’ is raising temperatures feel the fire from within,
But we be laughing anyhow, so pour the juice and gin
Music follows aroma and the healing has begun
Many are our numbers, but always we are one.

Well, feeling this poetry fa sho!

Now west indian, where is that exactly and all? My ex was west indian black some asian and all-, I thought it was in the bahamas or something, he was african american still so it got me confused.

Anyhow I love curry, and especially curry chicken. Don't get me started on plantains or "plantanos" girl I'll go crazy or 'platanos con crema' oh yea! hee,hee,hee,... there's this jamaican dish that is coconut milk and curry with shrimp and rice and beans, it's mmmm...good... if you have recipes, please post in the recipe forum, id like to see how it is done...

I'm going to go eat now!

Lovely, poem!

Desert Storm
Hi phynxofkmt
Oh yes this is Soul Fod.
I enjoy the way your poem brought
us to the table. That is indeed where
all the heart of love is feed
Right at that table
Filling your plate up. And just for that moment
we leave all the worries at the door. Wow
Very filling , wonderful poem to your Dad
and all is wisdom



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