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    Bobby Hebb, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Jamiroquai, Sananda Maitreya (Terence Trent D'Arby), K-Ci Hailey, Stevie Wonder, more...

    Soul Music?

    Start by listening to this classic and under rated tune by Bobby Hebb, that was acclaimed and covered by the likes of James Brown, Marvin Gaye, and Frank Sinatra...

    Sunny - Bobby Hebb

    Sunny - Marvin Gaye

    Sunny - James Brown

    This clip of JB above, has moves which the lead singer of Jamiroquai (Jay Kay) seemingly uses...

    Virtual Insanity - Jamiroquai (Jay Kay)

    Even Jay Kay covered the song...
    Sunny - Jamiroquai

    But James didn't need to use a conveyer belt to do these moves

    Notice the tone of the song (Virtual Insanity) as well... pick up on Stevie Wonder's classic...

    Pastime Paradise - Stevie Wonder

    Pick up on it?

    Now, back to "Sunny"...

    Sunny - Stevie Wonder

    What, thought Stevie didn't cover this song?
    Good music is good music

    Interview with Sananda Maitreya (D'Arby) and Stevie Wonder (1995)

    D'Arby more than likely had Michael Jackson and Prince adoration by way of his music and style, at the time many artists did. D'Arby seemed to try to combine the two though.

    D'Arby singing "Who's Loving You"

    With that said, Sananda's voice sounds like this today...

    She's Sad - Sananda Maitreya

    Sounds like Lately from Stevie Wonder, some samples from Michael, some Bobby Hebb, etc

    Even though Sananda (Terence) didn't cover Hebb's "Sunny", pretty sure he could have without a problem.

    The problem most artistic entertainers have is more to do with the vultures that run and manipulate the promotion and distribution of the material, and how they want it to be presented.

    Artists tend to use music as an outlet for therapy, yet they may need more therapy after entering into the industrial pit of piranha looking to take a bite off of any piece they can.

    If an artist survives the "crash and burn" design that uses and abuses the talent for the sake of profit, they tend to become more esoteric as an artist, and ride it into legendary status.

    K-Ci Hailey also comes to mind when it comes to artists that have talent (or had, depends on how we look at at) and carried the soulfulness of the healing nature of music into the 90s and forward.

    If You Think You're Lonely Now - K-Ci Hailey

    K-Ci at one time could have easily covered Hebb's "Sunny", but after his battles with alcohol and the pitfalls of the industry, one could only imagine if he can become, could or would have become another Stevie, Sam, or Bobby.

    Still got it?

    K-Ci and Devante are trying to carry this project, as they claim to have more in store for the future, but sometimes, trying is just as good as doing well.

    *will address the soulfulness of the female balladeers in another thread, as it will probably be more to discuss, along with the affects the lack of soul music has on a social system and the families that grow up without it.​

    Dru Hill's Sisqo tried to keep it going, but with the area of automated tunes, the original classic soul is fighting for its existence.

    But at the end of it all, could we imagine Stevie Wonder using autotunes?

    If not... listen:

    Stevie destroys autotunes (talkbox)
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    Bring back the soul, don't make me have to produce the album(s) myself... last warning.

    Tell em Bobby!

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    Wait, and what is this???

    How about I don't watch videos that much, at least not at the volume when Video Soul/Vibrations was still on BET
    But I be damm, I didn't expect this.

    Heard this song a few times, and never crossed my mind that this may have been a brother from another mother.
    Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Michael McDonald, Darryl Hall, Andy Gibbs, Jon B, Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke, and now Sam Smith?

    We losing ground fam, and we are giving up the Soul to some technical gymnastics that makes the music look so generic and fickle.

    Marvin Gaye once sang...

    Got me wondering, yeah
    'Cause music's been my therapy
    Taking the pain from all my anatomy
    Music has never let me down
    It's my symphony, always stayin' in me

    Who'd know that the world ain't right, ah baby
    Lots of people uptight
    I'll go crazy if something ever happened to my musical thrill
    And darling your love is just like music

    Music is the soul of the man
    Music makes a happy day
    Music makes the clouds roll by, baby
    Your music kissed my tears and set my eyes

    Your music makes me want to sing
    Your music is a joy to bring
    Music is my heart and soul
    It's more precious than gold

    You're like a song in my heart
    I love every part
    A song, you're like a song
    Happiness today is just a song away, just a song

    I love your music, baby
    I don't worry 'bout a thing
    Oh, turn on your music, baby
    See my happiness beam

    Your love is music
    Oh my darling, yeah
    Your love is music, ah baby, yeah
    And music is my life

    Turn on some music more
    Hey, turn on some music more
    I got my music, hey, hey
    I love my music, hey
    We need the music

    I got my music, hey
    I love the music, oh
    Turn on some music
    Get off the music, ah
    Turn up the music
    Let's have the music, ha

    Appreciation for the new and creative talent that keeps adding the to collective, but when I see an Aloe Blacc singing with an orchestra...

    The likes of the Babyface's, Quincy Jones', Chucky Thompson's, Teddy Riley's are truly M.I.A., and without the soulful core behind the music itself, the artists have little to no chance to sustain a genuine existence when it comes to true heartfelt soul music.

    Though this is an interesting concept, mixing classical with soul

    Notice the giggles in the background, this became a novelty for some in the audience.
    Being that I enjoy classical as well, it has potential and has been done in the past.

    Take Aaron Hall's "The Truth" album

    But currently active male artists that are still carrying on the Rhythm and Blues/Soul spirit are listed below:

    1. Kem
    2. Charlie Wilson
    3. Brian McKnight (though he looses cool points for that autotunes single)
    4. R Kelly
    5. Anthony Hamilton
    6. Cee Lo Green
    7. Dave Hollister
    8. Musiq (The Husel)... Using auto tunes now and changed name because the industry is evil

      This move was a pun on the influx of auto tunes and how artists are getting accolades even though they have little to no talent outside of a voice altering gimmick, Musiq is pretty much saying "stay in your lane" without saying it.

      Musiq should link up with Wondaland and Janelle Monae, Prince has connections with them and he understands how to break free of the label vultures and still remain successful.

    9. Dwele
    10. Life Jennings
    11. Mint Condition
    12. Donell Jones
    13. Joe
    14. Avant
    15. Raheem DeVaughn
    16. Tank, Ginuwine, Tyrese (TGT)
    17. Miguel (looses cool points for drop kicking two females in the head during a performance)
    18. Trey Songz
    19. Usher
    20. Omarion
    21. Chris Brown (depends on which direction he takes, still young)
    Not in any particular order


    Maxwell... now this is where things get interesting

    From Maxwell, there seems to have been two "clones".


    The Weeknd and Jidenna

    Both with two distinctly different sounds, yet... they work for what lane they have created, while still having a somewhat new and fresh take on "rnb/soul/pop", which is still growing on me, but that old school soul probably will never come back, so it is what it is.

    Neither use autotunes to my knowledge, even though it sounds like it
    (The Weeknd may incorporate it in some songs)

    August 12, 2015
    Jidenna & Janelle Monae leading a march in Philly today to speak out against police brutality!

    Sometimes it's just music and entertainment, while at times it could help others just get through tough times.
    Collective Soul... not done, we just took a break and will come back stronger than ever.
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    betwixt and between