Black Poetry : soul brutha #1


Feb 27, 2001
he was my soul brutha
best friend like no other
he and i could truly relate
we had our share of
crazy debates
what made Charlene so great
and we did the **** children do
in grade school
we acted like fools
and the kids thought we were cool

he was my soul brutha
back in high school
we did the football scene
he was my boy
no matter whatever
and to the end
we would stay friends

he was my soul brutha
back in 1995
when some crack head
said it was his time to die
gunshots rang throughout the sky
i felt them hit
one in my chest
another in my thigh
one grazing my eye
as he hit the ground
his last breathe
was in blood where he drowned

he is my soul brutha
to this day
he’s by my side
in his love i abide
and on his spirit
i will ride this world
out to the end
that’s when i’ll be
with my soul brutha again

~ your still in my heart and mind, C.W.~
my soul brutha

I heard brothers speak of looking for a soulmate, well I had to speak peace to my soulbrother. We were good friends from grade school. My family moved away from the hood, but I caught too buses to go the high school with my best friend. To lose him to a crackheads need for a high was ****** up. Excuse the lingo.

Thank you for the response and the read.
thank you for bringing him here to meet us
as i know it's not easy to always entrust
things most precious and dear to our hearts
thank you Henry for sharing this part

Beautiful Tribute

:wave: :wave: :wave:

~ haaaaaay Henry's SoulBrother ~




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