Black Poetry : Sorry I missed your Birthday Destee!


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Sorry to miss your Birthday...hope this makes up for being late.

This is the day dedicated to you to you on this day you are the only one who matters
its all about you
its all about peering into your soul
and seeing the beauty within that for years
I have seen on the outside its about you
and letting you know that desire is spelled Destee...yes its about you and this day
just worry about yourself take care of you
because the world and its issues will still be there once your day has passed
so make the most of this day
kick back relax draw yourself a nice warm bubble bath
and allow the warm waters to caress you
let the light glisten from your frame
then dine on a sumptuous meal of your favorite slow jazz playing
get lost in the moment yes relaxation at its best and then when its time to go to bed grab a plate of strawberries and allow the words of my poetry let you know just how loved you truly are as they convey the essence of what a birthday truly should be.
Happy Birthday

Jan 22, 2001
betwixt and between
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oh my gosh Bishop ... why am i trying to hold in emotion ... not slobber all over this page ... :love:

:slobber: :slobber: :slobber: :slobber: :slobber: :slobber: :slobber: :slobber: :slobber: :slobber:

your poetry, your Spirit, your essence ... has such a calming effect ... :massage:

while at the same time ... make'n it hot up in here ... :blob fire: ... Whew !!! ... :love:


there is none like The Bishop ... thank you for all the years ... the love ... everything ... :love:

Happy Birthday to Us! :love:



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