Black Entertainment : SONGS OF MISFORTUNE

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    doesn't it drive you nuts when a great song gets no respect in terms of sales or airtime,afew that come to mind for me are...i'm still waiting-patti labelle & the blubelles[one of the most beautiful girl group songs of all time written by curtis mayfield,but very little respect when released]...gotta give her love-the volumes[this soul group outta detroit had a good song that went nowhere]...the tears-the supremes[one of the very rare songs that diana didn't sing lead on,mary wilson did and it was a doo-wopper's delight also one of the few songs done with barbara martin-the fourth supreme]...only a fool-clyde mcphatter[although it was late in his great career this gem should've gotten more attention] it too early-the fawns[very nice song from a good girl group outta d.c.but no rewards]...river of tears-gene chandler[although a classic today,when first released it didn't make alot of noise for clean gene]...i can't find-smokey[one of his best ever,but it came and went quietly].