Black Poetry : Sometimes I Cry

It's good to be back Destee

I have been so busy, having made the move from Texas to
Florida. Since I am originally from Florida, you can imagine how I must feel, to be back in again,
after having lived in Texas for four years. As you know personally, the beaches are gorgeous here. Two nights a week, I go to the pier and meditate, while my son concentrates on catching a speckled trout. The sunsets and the full moon nights are so soothing to my soul.

It took me about a month to get online, AFTER we found a place to live. Thus, I have not been able to be a frequent visitor of the most beautifully designed forum on the net.

It's good to see Dnommno (is dat spelled right?) sharing those golden nuggets of wisdom again. I read his July 7 post earlier this morning. It's was a blessing that took me back to my own personal struggles with submission.

*Glad Ta Be Back In Cinch*



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