Black Poetry : Sometimes I Cry


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Mar 29, 2001
Sometimes I feel all alone
Then I cry because I'm on my own
I cry because my heart is bleeding
On drugs my stomach is feeding
My tears that I cry make me scared to survive
For peace my heart does strive
My heart is ripped and torn
My feelings show and flow with my life
But they take no form
I don't want to confide in anyone
Who stop that long
To help another carry on
This world is harsh and moves to fast
I stop and flashback to the past
It's sad and painful and I sometimes I cry
And sometimes I think I want to die
But o'well, tough, that's life.

indeed we all at some point find self in dis
but one may feel da depth of one self and
true ear and open arms will come upon one
in da beautiful hour of light keep ya head up high
see into da faith of his power and he will give
u da ovaseen of purity u lone 4........................very nice piece!


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