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HoneyBrown05 said:
I don't know those sites that are devoted toward this subject and I still don't see the problem!
there is a sticky at the head of the relationship forum that lists IR sites for those who have an interest.
that information was also posted in this thread by panafrica.
you could have used google also.

Hello HoneyBrown, I may be a day late and a dollar short but I wanted to add my little piece. I cannot do anything but wish you well in your search for a mate. Good luck.

But as others have said, this is a site dedicated to "Black" love. I have searched for a site like this for years. All I want to do is learn how to love my people. Not for the reasons of race like as some have offered. I want to learn to love my community for the reasons you yourself have outlined. As you have explained it is "we" who are responsible for "our" communities. I want to learn to love "Black" folks enough so that I can help to educate "Black" children, care for "Black" elderly, and be a stablizing force to my "Black" sistas.

Right now, I am far from that goal. Interracial/Intercultural relationships are on the backburner for me. I have realized many more important goals for myself.

Perhaps this site, just can't fit your needs. As others have said, there are many IRR dating sites. The Internet is littered with them. But if "Black" people are going to progress at all, we are going to have to learn to like ourselves enough to work with each other.

HoneyBrown05 said:
I wasn't asking for those sites but thanx anyway!:angel1:
i dont think there is anything wrong with it. i have done and written a book about it.

and i can assure you i am someone who analysis the H*** out of everything i do and so i asked myself all the necessary questions, including

is this about race/self hate
can a white man truly fulfil a bw emotionally and otherwise will i become less concerned about my community
am i betraying my heritage

......issues i have also dealth with in the book.


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