Black People : Something New at Consciousness Raising with Brotha Oldsoul

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    Hey Fambly.

    As some of you may know I have been recording brotha oldsoul's classes for a couple of years now and posting them on an archived website Wel last month the registration for the domain name we were using expired and smaddy snatched it up the very next day. Of course I was distraught, dismayed, disturbed and completely discombobulated. Brotha oldsoul didn't miss a beat. He told me it was time we found a better name anyway because of the negative connotations of "con" in conraise. We threw a couple ideas on the table and he came up with the name

    I liked that name and decided to expand the site to make it worthy of the name university.. Brotha oldsoul really loves what I've done and I hope you will too. Of course there is a link so you can get back to

    I am completely open to your ideas about what you would like to see there. Any issue or topic that can be researched then we can come back here and have discussion threads about what we find.