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    Hoteph My Beloved Shabaka:

    My beloved, it is so refreshing to see the brain being used as it once was,
    to wander and ponder the unknown, using the power of our thoughts to be
    reflected upon our Mind, those things that are so profound and yet is
    capable of being understood.

    We have allowed our thoughts to be reduced to belief and having faith, such
    mental action develop the sense of perception, which travel only in a
    straight Line and in doing so, limit our ability to understand that which is
    eternally infinite and such perpetually move in cyclical motion.

    Evolution has to do with things beginning and ending and it is no more than
    a profane process in order to try and explain God's Creation of Life but
    such a process carry you only in a straight Line, which prove that Man and
    not God is a creator of belief of such a process.

    Belief and Faith is the profane characterization of what is required to
    understand the mystery of God, Universe and Life Being.

    You see my dear, there is no such thing as Nothingness and to operate
    outside of the circle of eternal infinity, will allow us to believe in
    Nothing and attempt to associate it with something.

    Such is not to be the case with the profound Thinker. All things go through
    a process of Transformation until it reach a state called inertia, a state
    of existence beyond the profanity of belief, causing one to believe, since
    it is not detectable it is not there, thus calling it nothing.

    Life is for the body and such must and will reach its critical mass, as it
    move on to the next level, which is existence, a level that is perpetually
    eternally Infinite, resting in a state of inertia, such is the cyclical
    motion of all that the God Energy has created.

    Think to know thy self and the Truth will be revealed to you, thus giving
    you the desire to: Condemn The Lie And Elevate The Truth.

    Complete Love To The Black Nation