Black Poetry : Something I Lost…

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    Maybe lost things find a way of coming back to you or maybe they don’t. Maybe the people you love live inside of you and that is how you remember them. That is how you keep loving them. Until then, try to stop lamenting the ones that leave. Sometimes they’ll turn up at your door five years later saying “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I missed you” and you’ll find that yes, the lost do come back, and if they don’t, well, maybe they weren’t ever yours to begin with.

    To me she was like the wind, and I was the leaves on the trees
    Awaiting her arrival was what I longed for, just to feel the breeze
    And I close my eyes to fight back the tears
    I don’t know how to unremember all the years
    And I would not ask her to be vulnerable with no intentions of protecting her
    She had my quality of attention with no room for neglecting her
    And a tear falls that I could not hold back
    I wipe it away before anyone notices and it leaves a track
    So I do my best impression and try to display strength and I stand
    And I stand like a protest, I’m the unmovable man
    And it feels like I’ve grown a wishbone where my backbone ought to be
    Man I wish I was shallow and did not love so deeply
    I’m strongly drawn to both the giver and a receiver
    But it’s a day and time where they are neither
    Just seem to be a taker
    All they do is take
    And I’m at the brink where I’m about to break
    And to be honest I’m breaking at this very moment
    Just seems whatever I do I find not enough enjoyment
    And I pray like a CD stuck on repeat
    Yet I’m losing faith of my true beliefs
    And this is an internal battle that I can’t seem to win
    So I give up on the fight before it even begins
    And to me she was like the wind and I was the leaves on the trees
    And I awaited her arrival, just to feel the breeze
    But there is no breeze, just a sky full of rain
    As I fight to conceal the tears and the pain.

    Maybe lost things find a way of coming back to you or maybe they don’t…..