Black People : Somehow this just doesn't add up

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by AfroBoricuaRoni, May 21, 2004.

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    Nov 12, 2003
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    I got a problem.

    How come for about three years now our troops have been over seas dying, losing limbs, getting brainwashed, missing Christmas's and all thereof...all for the claimed purpose of fighting terrorism and looking for weapns of mass destruction when right here in the land of the free it was reported that a man was just arrested for building weapons of mass destruction in his house.

    Seems to me when we were turning Iraq upside down looking for weapons of mass destruction they should've been looking at us searchin over here to see what we had. How you gunna look at somebody else's problem and can't fix your own? Tables are turning, thank goodness.

    It just seems to me that after all this time, money, energy and casualities, you'd think Bush would say enough is enough and bring folk home.

    Maybe there are weapons of mass destruction over there, maybe there aren't. It was worth the effort to find out but what on earth has been accomplished out of this whole process? The possobility is still there.

    Not that our economy has been spotless up until Bush but since he's been here things are falling apart worse than before. Money needs to be invested elsewhere.

    Look at the losses in being in Iraq. We found Saddam, yeah, but A LOT could have been spared in the process. With all our technology, I think they either slept on getting Bin Laden or have a hidden agenda (of course).

    How come you can chase a healthy brotha on foot all around the city with a couple of police cruisers and a mere helicopter, but when using over priced high definition top of the line aircrafts and such STILL can't find an elderly cancer patient hiding in a mountain? And it's not like he's alone. All of them are on foot hopping from mountain to mountain in the open terrain. Poor brotha can run top speed, duck and hide around all kinds of trees and cars and still get caught BUT Bin Laden, moving slow as molasses- making home videos along the way, still ain't been captured.

    Maybe I didn't get the memo. Somehow this isn't adding up.

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    The Diaspora
    These are all astute observations & questions sister AfroBoricuaRoni. If all people asked themselves they same things, we should have a new president next year!