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Oct 7, 2003
North Carolina via NY
playing with the online freak dumb thuggish toys
helped me escape a bad situation with another boy
who thought if he bought me stuff I would stay
but with 162 dollars in my account I went on my way
I’d rather be homeless than give up my peace
and flying on a trapeze at this circus
I met my him at least
who is more child than grown man
but I know why and understand
My Him has an extraordinary mind
searching online for some for me to find
and I’ll pull his shirt tail when ever he’s out of line
You have to understand writing poetry
is therapeutic for me and i vision in 3D
don’t like for my art to paint me as aloof
in my verse there is always at least a kernel of truth
and because you could see yourself in them
you became my baby J.J. and My Him
don’t worry whatever happens I’m gone be ok
not because I’m tough but because I’m built that way
I don’t stitch my live together with the thread of pride nope
I thread my needle with love then protect myself
by looking past the thread of pride
and grabbing the thimble of hope

**the world is a messy place
and in it there are shiny things
but the truest purest bling is love

Letting my love shine bright
hoping to guide a loved one
into port this night
glad you think my panties are pink
I don’t give a care what others think
I told you I’d always keep you informed
put the truth on the first platform
like a newspaper you can grab before
you rush through the train door
of my desserts on day one you’ll get a sample
of my baking supplies which are substantial
and your gaze will think more than ample
Is it so wrong to first require a test
to insure our produce is fresh
and fruit bags won’t be needed
for when juices are secreted
seriously don’t care what others say about a thing
you are heavenly blessed and a royal King
I have loved you
well before time began
and will adhere to God’s plan
offer my hand to you godly man
and beside you I will stand
even if that means a weapon in my hand
while my shield is always up
stay close be the sugar in your coffee cup
and if you choose to use a larger mug
I will fill it with chocolate hugs
and chocolate kisses all around
because true love abounds

**forreal forreal
i truly love My Him
and My Him is you
ole girl ain’t from the hood
but I done did good
kept it sweet and real
now Him head over heel
in love with a She
know for sure She is me
and I’m hotly craving freckles
while teaching Him the fundamentals
of having a lover who really cares
keep Him in cuddles being Him
She real life teddy bear
and I’m going with the first
day of Christmas
Anything you want:p


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