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May 9, 2003
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I ran into this wedsite, and thought you guys might find it interesting.

I's about what we believe.

perception is not a passive gathering of information but, rather, an active construction of a representation of what is going on in our sensory world. Our perceptual apparatus selects and organizes information from the environment, and this process is subject to many well-known biases that can lead to distorted beliefs. Indeed, we are less likely to be influenced by incoming information if it does not already correspond to deeply held beliefs. Thus, the very spiritual Christian may be quite prepared to see the Virgin Mary; information or perceptual experience that suggests that she has appeared may be more easily accepted without critical scrutiny than it would be by someone who is an atheist. It is similar with regard to experiences that might be considered paranormal in nature.
If I were "skeptical," it looks like that would be an ideal fount of information.

I do BELIEVE it’s important to be skeptical. And that includes being skeptical of the skeptics. For example if one is paranoid, it does not mean people are not out to get you. Or that Evolution is completely correct and with out major flues. Or worst that science is without bias.

You ever wonder why science ignores intuition?

I am a skeptic, but I don’t draw limits. I am also an intuitive person with spiritual understandings. I have a need to look at every thing. I have a body, a mind and a spirit. To ignore one, would leave me incomplete.



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