Black Poetry : Some Stuff That Happened on Valentine Day

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    Some Stuff That Happened on Valentine Day

    Drinking foul wine I must say and its valentine day here
    In the club as a thug hard but don’t have a club card fear
    They may not let me enter I get dinner every Friday sincere
    Tips the waitresses their lips and laces so sexy so its clear
    I wanna marry and gonna carry one home this guy try to get busy
    My plot not inferior sure not bazaar or superior but my car interior
    Is nice, wood dash got hood cash take pills for disease diphtheria
    Wanna a dame that’s tall to give me a picture so I can frame it on
    The wall so I can think about her long legs while gone to bed at home
    Some folks tell dumb joke but I come with hopes of pulling a chick
    Tonight have to be quick and tight with the love talk need some sick
    Pick up lines, “sorry sir gonna need a club card or five dollars” for real?
    “Yep” should yell for help got a think fast this is some stink trash I feel
    Low yo, wanna girlfriend now my world end no club card dang what’s the deal?
    Oh I got it find a chick quick preferably a hot and merry not necessary that
    She be cute, don’t even have to understand her plan just long as she land me phat
    Inside the club lets see now see a queen that mean a kiss may exist
    I say this because she may mingle living single like Queen Lativah twist
    This diva’s mind with some legal time, “look boo you fine as cat hair
    I want a fat affair, girl I read a sex book now vexed and shook can’t bare
    Being alone at home an author is a fool” “oh yeah why?” “don’t have the proper
    Tools he bores everbody but at this very party I need an escort to support a hotter
    Cause let me be your date cake I’ll pour honey on them lips girl magic like Harry Potter”
    “yeah dude I’m a disaster with men we’ll talk after we’re inside thwe club love”
    “Ok girl we can go to my resident and play until president’s day I’ll be that thug
    With a heart of candies will depart holding your panties girl I want some bad”
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    lol........look like it was going down