Black People : Some so ignored that could have a huge impact

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    We all know how white folks distort history, but I am asking for our communities to bring attention to ALL applications for jobs in this country to stop allowing white people to change the ORIGINS of North Africa and the so called "Middle East" as their origins.

    If you haven't seen applications where they ask you to list your race/ethnicity, you can claim you are white if you are from:

    White (Not Hispanic or Latino): a person having ORIGINS in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East or North Africa.

    This stuff may seem small and somehow became unnoticeable to us, but it shouldn't be because it’s insulting to say that they are the ORIGINAL people of North Africa.

    They realize now, that man’s existence and the oldest text ever written were from those regions so now they want to claim that they are the ORIGINAL people.

    In other words, any place where riches, intellect, spirituality and the origins of ALL things mathematical, they were the original persons. So should we have been telling their a** to “Go back to Africa!”

    Let's look at the map of North Africa and the "Middle East" (in my opinion is part of Africa as well, but since they want to play the mind game, let's just look at these regions.

    These are the regions "they" claim on as countries in North Africa

    Then they say this: africa/MiddleEast_NorthAfrica_jfilm.jpg

    Notice Egypt which has been proven because of archeological findings (theft really), that Kemet was predominately a dark people's nation. Notice how some claim Ethiopia is a part of North East Africa.

    Just because you go into a country, enslave a people and mix breed (rape) the women and the hue gets lighter doesn't qualify them as being "white".

    Secondly, during the civil rights movement, was it NOT white people screaming for US to go back to Africa? So now they are claiming to be the original Africans?

    Third, they (white folk, especially Aryan Skin heads), call people of those regions "Sand N*ggers". I find this interesting considering they are claiming to be the original people of North Africa and the Middle East, so are they calling themselves sand n*ggers? In addition, if the people of the "Middle East" are Sand N*ggers, wouldn't that be calling their Jesus Christ a sand N*gger since he was claimed to be born in the "Middle East"? Which would, coinsidentally make their entire so called "White Christian Movement" VOID.

    See how they distort stuff but put their own foot in their mouths.

    RGB, we must do something about this? I'm still awaiting my approval.
    Race and ethnicity in the United States Census - Wikipedia

    I have an actual government "Self- Identity" application in my hands.

    This MUST be stopped!
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    I appreciate your perspective and spirit.

    I'm looking at your title as a paradox, because that's the whole point nobody is being ignored. The know very well of the power of the collective.

    The system is set up to take away "the huge impact" we could have as a collective. This is all no accident. These perceptions and interpretations are fed into our subconscious, because like you said with the white establishment everything must be identified. Why you ask? Because the white establishment looks to control EVERYTHING and take it over. So it must identify threats. Then we look at ourselves for self identity. When self identity is much much deeper then skin color. Thank you for exposing the "game"
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    In the Spirit of Sankofa and Truth!

    KMT Sista,

    I truly understand you passion for this subject, below is a profile note from me to you back in April:

    04-06-2009 08:59 PM
    Clyde Coger

    Thanks twice, for the friendship and the info on applications, and stay in the fight for our mental liberation....Peace In my sister friend,

    Clyde C. Coger, Jr.
    Author, Does Color Matter?

    Please review these links below to see where and why we should be heading in the direction of changing the racialist system of race classification with new paradigm:

    Peace In my sister friend and I'm with you on this, for real!

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    there is the economic point also because 98% of North African immigrants, Morrocans, Lbyians, Algerians and Yes Yemenis are self employed, so they will be unaware of this.

    But your point is understood because Chinese are now seeking Black status in South Africa so they can get set asides and affirmative action