Black People : *Some More Things To Make You Go Hmm?*

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    *From The Ramparts*
    Junious Ricardo Stanton
    *Some More Things To Make You Go Hmm?*
    / “WASHINGTON: The Central Intelligence Agency released hundreds of pages of internal reports Tuesday detailing assassination plots against foreign leaders like Fidel Castro and the secret testing of mind-and-behavior altering drugs like LSD on unwitting U.S. citizens. The documents also provided information on tapping journalists' phones, spying on demonstrators who supported civil rights or opposed the Vietnam War, opening private mail between the United States and the Soviet Union or China, and breaking into the homes of former CIA employees and others. Inside the Central Intelligence Agency, the documents were referred to as the ‘skeletons.’ But another name quickly caught on and stuck: ‘Family jewels.’ The 693 pages, mostly drawn from the memories of active CIA officers in 1973, were turned over at that time to three different investigative panels: President Gerald Ford's Rockefeller Commission, the Senate's Church Committee and the House's Pike Committee. The panels spent years investigating and amplifying on these documents. And their public reports in the mid-1970s filled tens of thousands of pages. The scandal sullied the reputation of the intelligence community and led to new rules for the CIA, the FBI and other spy agencies and new permanent committees in Congress to oversee them.” /Associated Press

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    The recent declassification of CIA documents from the 1960's and ‘70's should be a real eye opener into the dealings of the US police state and put to rest forever the myth of AmeriKKKa as a free and an open society. What’s most alarming about the release of these formally classified documents is, compared to what’s going on today, they seem tame. The files revealed: secret testing of mind control drugs and techniques on unsuspecting citizens, the blatant and illegal disregard for the CIA charter which prevented domestic operations by the puppets of the ruling elites who used the agency to protect their class and power interests both at home and abroad through assassinations, spying on AmeriKKKan citizens and a host of nefarious, illegal and immoral activities. Ironically little is being said in the mainstream corporate media about the documents at a time when the ruling elites have ramped up the abuse of their powers, have illegally spied on AmeriKKKan citizens and have whittled away the rule of law and US Constitution in ways that far surpass the abuses revealed in the newly declassified CIA documents. Where is the outrage? Where is the analysis and comparison to the abuses of the recent past with the abuses of today: the false flag operations like 9-11, the torture, the covert wars and killings and the conspicuous spying on innocent US citizens? Is there no such activity on the part of the mainstream media because as even older CIA documents reveal under */Operation Mockingbird/* the mainstream media is so infiltrated and corrupt it is part and parcel of an overarching program of mind control, disinformation and propaganda? Hmmm?
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    With obesity and related diseases like diabetes and hypertension on the rise in the Black community why would BET allow someone like Mo’Nique who obviously has weight control challenges herself, to promote big women and full figured Sistahs as hoochie mommas clad in scanty outfits two years in a row on the BET Awards program? Why is there no outcry by concerned Black health professionals against programming content such as this? Why Aren’t more elders like Diana Ross promoting classiness and speaking out against the uncivil and degenerate values and lifestyles being promoted by the media at award shows like the BET Awards. Why aren’t more thinking people and parents challenging BET to cease and desist playing the videos that promote self-destructive values and irresponsible behaviors especially in the wake of the Don Imus flap and Oprah Winfrey’s subsequent “Town meeting” ? Why are we giving BET a free pass and not demanding they rethink their programming? More importantly why aren’t we turning BET, MTV and similar venues off?

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    In 1994 an independently produced movie was released called DROP Squad. It was a fictional account of a band of race conscious, politically active brothers who in order to protect the Black community from self-destruction formed a group to retake the minds and remold the thinking of wayward, treacherous Negroes and sellouts. DROP stood for Deprogramming and Restoration of Pride. Ironically the DROP Squad members used all the mental and emotional deprogramming and torture techniques the US military and CIA are employing around the world today. In the movie their success rate was almost perfect. Even the most hard core self-hating Negroes repented and became conscious/righteous Blacks. What if we had a thousand DROP Squads operating around the country working in concert to eradicate the Sambo mentality of people like Vernon Gordon, Colin and Michael Powell, Condoleeza Rice, Debra Lee, Snoop Dog, Russell Simmons, Fifty Cent, Matthew Knowles, Creflo Dollar and Lil’ Kim just to name a few? What if there was a mechanism in the Black community that would force would be traitors to repent before they could do immeasurable and irreparable damage to the people and environment in their neighborhoods? What if there was an underground movement that reactionary Negroes knew would aggressively move on them if they dared do anything to harm the Black community? I wonder what our community/nation would be like? Hmmm?
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    some more things...

    in the sixties there was a very REAL group called THE BLACK PANTHERS who promoted black self pride as well as self defense and programs set up to help the children,well we all know what happened to the panthers,we live in a time and place where big brother is ALWAYS watching and i believe that ALL organizations have spies and as soon as one is deemed dangerous then moves are made to splinter them,remember also that television is a form of mind control that affects us all.