Black Money Business Jobs : Some insightful,basic questions

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    I have some very good questions that can help not only me, but others as well.
    My first question is simple and easy, I understand that all business need plans even the home-based business, but I need your opinion.
    Is it really necessary? I been drilled in thinking you do need it,but is it a necessity?
    My next question is about the industry I want to do my business in.
    I plan on being in a service industry led business; I want to go into the computer recovery,recycle,and re-furbish industry because I want to re-furbish computers as a community project for those who can not really afford a computer be able to have one at lower cost than a new one.
    Oh!!!my question is there is competitor's,but is there a site that I can research them for free?
    The next question is a excuse for me not starting my business, but do I need a mentor?
    How do I create a market for my services when there is no established market for the services?

    My last question is about funding, should I pursue a grant or a sba loan to get me started?