Black People : Some food for your thoughts....

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    Bush's Michael Moore Moment At Unity

    Normally a marketplace for underrepresented minorities trying to break down barriers in mostly white media organizations, this third convention was an eye opener because of the president's statements during his appearance there. Bush's opening...

    This is the complete transcript and it is good... We had the conference on at the office... I stopped watching once Bush came on; well, I really left when Colin came on--- I wish I had stayed and listened... this is a laugher...

    She rambles and is an undercover "revisionist", but it should make you think, well some?

    Vote and die

    A Free Press For A Free People Since 1997

    This is what "they" want Us to do; not vote--- in other words, don't believe the hype!

    If this doesn't get you, nothing I say will. What is wrong with Alan Keyes? Is this an attempt by the Republicans to upset Us--- as usual, get the race about "good" Negroe vs. "bad" well whatever Obama calls himself? Again, don't believe the hype and don't let it bother you--- please!

    Keyes to a Fiasco

    ILLINOIS REPUBLICANS, at one time a canny and crafty lot, have made a stupid error in hiring Alan Keyes to slap together what's left of the party's U.S. Senate nomination and go howling off into battle against Democrat Barack Obama. The...


    Brings into question what happened to Us with the influx of integration. (a think piece, if you will)

    And Another--- Are all "Black people" stupid... no matter where they are from? 00:00:00