Black People : Some food for your thoughts....

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    This is the complete transcript and it is good... We had the conference on at the office... I stopped watching once Bush came on; well, I really left when Colin came on--- I wish I had stayed and listened... this is a laugher...

    She rambles and is an undercover "revisionist", but it should make you think, well some?

    This is what "they" want Us to do; not vote--- in other words, don't believe the hype!

    If this doesn't get you, nothing I say will. What is wrong with Alan Keyes? Is this an attempt by the Republicans to upset Us--- as usual, get the race about "good" Negroe vs. "bad" well whatever Obama calls himself? Again, don't believe the hype and don't let it bother you--- please!


    Brings into question what happened to Us with the influx of integration. (a think piece, if you will)

    And Another--- Are all "Black people" stupid... no matter where they are from? 00:00:00