Africa : Some black people do not consider Africans black people???


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Jun 21, 2005
MississippiRed said:
There is nothing insulting about being called Black ........each to his/her own but to me Black is at times the only thing some of us can be called.....
Never disagreed with you. Recall that I asked the same question as the OT of the thread, why arent blacks in Africa, black?

Militant if you want to give up on Black folk in America that's cool a lot of Africans gave up on us a long time ago......
That is a complete misinterpretation of my statement. I said BLACK RACE. Unless you believe the negroes in Africa are white! I said i was about to give up on the black race, that includes everyone including me! You do know there are blacks in Africa?

you say that and in the same breath put down Nigerians and Tanzanians yet call for unity......
Perhaps I put down Nigerians because I am also a Nigerian who is not afraid to admit our own problem. We have a problem of competition in Nigeria. There, I said it! I would rather approach a Black person in America for help than a fellow Nigerian! We must be honest about the problems in our community. I tell it like it is.

Tanzanians and Kenyans I met have been generally unfriendly too. They particularly love to suck up to non-black people. This ugly coon I met could not even maintain a conversation with me, but his body language changed the moment he saw a bunch on Asians. There again, I said it. You want me to be hyprocritical, and lie while our problems continue?

Sounds like talking out of both sides of ya neck to me......
No, I am not contradicting Pan-Africanism. I am pointing out problems where I see it.

the Africans I've met in life save for one or two have treated me like old dog ish even to the point of even telling me that I shouldn't even call myself Black......
Having gone through similar experiences, I can feel for you, and I hope you dont dismiss the whole group of Africans entirely.

the older I get the more I believe the best thing for someone in my and my kids position to do is complete withdrawal unto ourselves because on both sides of the fence is nothing but animosity...
I agree there is animosity, but how do we help things if we withdraw? The fundamental problem with us is that we are ashamed of ourselves because of our positions in this world. I think rather than withdraw, why dont we change our current low positions in this world?

like I've said before sometimes the arrogance is simply amazing......we argue over what ......semantics ....words.....what we should be this what we choose to spend our time and energy on ?
Notice I said Pan-Africanism must acknowledge that not all black communities are equal. There must be room to allow for each person to define his enthnicity within the Pan-Africanism framework. Some of the animosity we face today is because we do not wish to acknowledge the enthnicities of other black people.

It's completely ridiculous.......then some of us have the nerve to talk about building . ISH .....we want to build but only with those of like mind and perspective anyone that looks different or doesn't see things the same way are ostracized ....Those that think they have Knowledge put down those that they believe don't , those who want to be called African put down those who call themselves Black, and on and on and on and on ........
Thats why the current Pan-Africanism should be redefined. We should be able to interract with each other just and and even better than Europeans and White Americans interract with each other. You can always know that Europeans value each other and white Americans because they share the same skin color. A form of Pan-Europeanism. Pan-Africanism is far from achieving the same strength as Pan-Europeanism.

Until we can stop arguing and bickering over Bullish we'll never have or achieve anything ......and this even goes to the ones who wouldn't include me or my children in the mix ( excuse the pun) but whether yall include me and those like me or not nothing is ever achieve by those focusing on differences instead of similarities........
I have no problems with mixed folk or people with some non-black ancestry. Ironically, some Africans in Africa actually accept mixed folk, despite what immigrant Africans say in America. You will catch the most flack from African women, if you are a mixed woman.


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Jun 11, 2003
Baltimore, MD
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I agree. And the steps that was made here is now a forward motion. It is a small step but an important one that will add strength to the target we all seek. And that is unification.


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Aug 28, 2006
Florida, USA
Plain foolishness being spoken here. We want to make Africans "black" just because we were made "black" in the Diaspora by Whites. Has self-determination gone out the window?


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Oct 8, 2005
ShemsiEnTehuti said:
Plain foolishness being spoken here. We want to make Africans "black" just because we were made "black" in the Diaspora by Whites. Has self-determination gone out the window?
So if I decide to start calling myself "African" instead of Black that reflects self-determination?


As for whites having MADE us black...You give them far too much credit.


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Feb 1, 2005
StreetNationEarth: Seattle
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kemetkind said:
So if I decide to start calling myself "African" instead of Black that reflects self-determination?

In exactly the same way that your having decided to call yourself "Black" reflects self-determination.
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