Congo : Some 200 women gang-raped near Congo UN base

True, but misogyny and violence against women go hand in hand.

Good evening, and I hardly dismiss the fact as regards the one as sometimes the consequence of the other, but also sometimes folk use the wrong means/ways/etc. to express their disagreements

I. e., they tend to make it personal/be subjective about it all, etc., whereas it will take raising social awareness etc. about what has become a one sided notion of who is considered blameless/who shares too much of the blame/etc.

To me:

What is at the heart of this particular issue/problem/etc. in 2010 is both consenting parties self indulgence/irresponsibility/etc. when it comes to their lack of moral scruples etc.

Too many in our midst blur the distinction, i. e., between their self serving takes on personal freedom-- as opposed to accepting any personal responsibility, as in--what some of us used to associate with/take for granted it meant and took to really and truly be 'be an adult'; i. e.,as contrasted with why so males and females bring into our midst via unplanned pregnancies, etc., if not abandoned thought neglected children, also as though it's natural and normal, whereas it was condemned and a source of shame-- even when I was growing up--back in the fifties and sixties...

It has also been said/written/etc-- via a post on one of these forums, some of those Congo rebels listen to a lot of gangsta rap--!

Hence yet another case study:

That we have to reconsider not only the role models we emulate-- or mimic-- here--also others do likewise-- everywhere else!



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