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Mar 17, 2001
Minneapolis, MN
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I miss you - Love you, I ~~
Do you know how much
feels like holding you
in cinamon sprinkled
arms 2 nite?

Speaking solutions
that summarized
my whole
world in anticipation
of your cuming

Put you on the
suspended in mid air
as I stared -- and
asked questions of
WHERE; and
WHY ~ knot ~
love N2~ scraps
of worn yarn--?

I miss you - Love you, I ~~
Do you know how much?

Guessin' you have not
a clue...
when my soul speaks
what my thoughts
have revealed

...and there's no one
listening to hear...
how I feel

Let me be the first ................

to tell you this is ohhhh soooo sweet !!!!

N2 - I must say,
when i come to this site...
i wanna read sooooo much of everybody's stuff -
and then it just gets overwhelming.
As if, once i start - I'll be hooked ,
or I'll be soooo GLAZED OVER w/
everyone's poetry
that I won't be paying as much attention as I should
to what I read ( poetry high maybe ? - LOL , 12 steps ? )

but reading you ( and of course my close others )

You just make it worth it , ya nahmeen ????

Of all the guys that I know who write poetry,
we all seem to agree that most girls we know
don't care about our poetry -
and it' s not something they share.

How is that you, and soo many ladies on this site
are soo poetic and in my town girls
hate thoughtful expression ???

I honestly spent years thinking
women like you and afri , and Ga and etc.
didn't even exist.

am i just in the wrong city ??lol

You are soooo sweet lil' brotha!
I'm glad that you get the opportunity to read
some of our (sista-gurls) scribes~ Thank you.

To try an answer your question, brotha -- I
don't think you are in the wrong city, I just
think you haven't met those females in your
town that write poetry... I'm sure their have
got to be some there in your hometown?!?

If not, you are just going to have to move into
a 'cyber-city' -- right?!

Thank you brotha o' mine for reading ME -- I
appreciate YOU! :kiss:

1 :heart:


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