Black Education / Schools : Soldiers Trained To Teach Our Children

I think the misconception is that soldiers will be sponsored to promote a military agenda toward the kids. That is not it at all this program from what I read is nothing more than allowing active duty military personnel to transition into the civilian world with a job waiting for them as teachers. I don't know if these people who participate in this program would have to have a Bachelors already or will it be some program that moves them directly into the classroom. Once we leave the military outside of military bearing that may stay with us for a while we are anything but military and our feet are putting distance between us and the military. As I said again some of these young thugs out here would strongly think twice trying a teacher that is ex-military, especially if he is a man than a teacher that is not ex-military.
Unless a lot of rules are going to change, I don't see how someone who just came out of the military, would be able to transition straight into a classroom. One has to have the basic fundamentals of teaching, one of them being child behavior/psychology. The list goes on, one can not be a teacher where I am from, the state of California, unless one has completed certain requirments. In order to teach pre school, one has to at least have what is called a (teachers credential) which takes up to two years to complete, depending on circumstances.

Also, I don't think this line is all the way true...
As I said again some of these young thugs out here would strongly think twice trying a teacher that is ex-military, especially if he is a man than a teacher that is not ex-military.

My daughter wanted desperately to join the ROTC this year and she did. She was actually looking forwad to having that one day out of the week to go to school in her uniform. I wish she had never joined that class, to this day, and summer is almost hear, she has not worn her uniform and neither has the rest of the students in the class. The teacher allows students to run the class and when the fitting took place for uniforms, a lot of the uniforms some how got misplaced or were never ordered, so the students just never got a chance to wear the required curriculum based uniforms for that class. The class is always in disaray and the students have no respsect at all for the teacher. My daughter is one of the good students who completes all of the written assignments in that class, for which she say's are easy. I get a call from her one day while she was at school telling me that the teacher told her that she was getting a D in the class because she had not turned in a lot of her assignments. I go up to the school to talk to the teacher and he tells me that she has a chance to make up the assignments before the end of the grading period. During the conversation, my daughter tells him (her ROTC teacher) that she turned all of her work in and that his head students in charge, simply misplaced them. The teacher admits that some assignments were misplaced. My mouth drops. I ask him, how are you going to give my daughter a D, tell her that she can make up work that she has already turned in when you know that your students are carelessy misplacing the turned in assignments? Had I been a parent that didn't go to my daughters school, my daughter would have wound up with a D on her report card. I feel sorry for kids who have no parents to advocate for them. Making a long story short, the assignements were found and he gave my daughter an A for that grading period. To sum it up, the male teacher is a ex Military man and he is a total wimp, nothing to think twice about before trying.

Correction the ROTC teacher isn't ex-military they are retired, they did their 20 and collecting a pension. ROTC is a whole different ballgame. I didn't hear mention of drill or anything like that, I lived in two different states first one I had started out with Army JROTC and when we moved back up north it was AFJROTC. If the problems are like that they exception to the rule and not the rule of thumb. Retired military has a different attitude from someone only did a couple of years in the miltary. These JROTC instructors were probably pushing pencils never seen field exercises or done any. Let me clarify your job in the military also states your attitude I don't think either they would transition them just like that to teaching. Where I'm at I used to volunteer in my son's school and I was on the SAC board, I been told my county school board has a program that helps you get your Bachelors and teaching certification if you are willing to teach in a low income school and in a high needs subject area but you have to be a school board employee already. My point wasn't including JROTC which is obviously miltary orientation but math, english, and other subject matter. When I got out the military no one could care less I serve but these guys get all the royal treatment that we didn't.


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