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    By Andre Austin

    The Bible calls God a sun in Psalm 84:11 & Malachi 4:2?. Jesus calls himself the Light of the world. Jesus said his only sign was that of Jonas, who was in a whales belly for three days. Now I believe this is an allusion to the Solar (sun) crucifixion.

    “For in an astronomical chart, the sun is apparently crucified upon the intersecting lines [cross] of the equator and the ecliptic at the moment of his descent into the lower hemisphere, the hemisphere of darkness and death; and it is so again at the moment of his resurrection into the hemishere of light and life; while the period of transit is three days…[Jesus in hades/dead for 3 days]. At the time when the myth of the death of the sun-god originated, the sun being in the consetellation Aries at the Spring Equinox, was identified with the Ram. That is the lamb which had been slain from the foundation of the world. The custom of dressing lamb in the shape of a cross is referable to the same myth”-Introduction to African civilization By John Jackson p.146

    Rev 11:8 has Jesus being spiritually crucified in Egypt. If this is true they were talking about Jesus as Osiris/Horus. If killed from foundation/pillar it was a pyramid that’s located at the center of the Earth which happens to be a pyramid in Egypt. Hell was thought to be underground at the center of earth. Egypt was given the name crocodile in Ezekiel 29:1-4. Plutarch in his book Isis and Osiris equates 666 with the crocodile

    The term equinox means balance/equal day and night of 12 hours each. It’s a day of balance/justice/judgment. Jesus said his kingdom/judgement would come when the sun moon gave its signs. I believe that comes at an eclipse/equinox. Proverbs 4:18 says “But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day”. A perfect day in my opinion is when we have balance/exact equal hours of day and night.

    Psalm 87:1 states the foundation is in the Holy mountains.
    Psalm 114:4 “The mountains skipped like rams, and the little hills like lambs”. We know Jesus is slain as a lamb and the anti Christ (his lookalike) is a ram with horns.
    Paul claims in Hebrews that God is a consuming fire. The root word for Pyramid in Greek is fire.

    Martin Bernal states “Thus it would seem legitimate to derive the Greek martyr (witness from the Egyptian witness, or pyramid”-Black Athena Volume 1 p.47 The pyramids were called mountains of sunrise and sunset being life and rebirth, light/darkness. Therefore we can see Jesus/Horus as symbolic of a pyramid being killed and resurrected. The Egyptians also fused horns/kings/mountains into one see Volume 2 of Black Athena p.164-165.

    Moustafa Gadalla wrote:“Jesus (Joshua) died at the foot of Mount Sinai” –Historical Deception p.226 Eusebius, an early church father stated that Jesus is also spelled Joshua. So my claims that Jesus being spiritually killed in Egypt at the pyramids of Giza is gaining weight.

    And we can’t forget the earliest gods in Egypt were symbolic of a pyramid and the falcon. The falcon’s eye on top is equal to Nazarite/Watchtower. Horus/Osiris was a Nazarite with red vine growing like Jack’s bean stalk high up like a tower.

    “Jesus cry from the cross is also open to a pagan interpretation. Both the version of Mark Eloi eloi and Matthew eli eli, are translated as My god my god why hast thou forsaken me?…In Aramaic My God should have been ilahi. Desmond stewart suggest that the word was, in fact, helios”-The templar Revelation By Lynn Picknett p.282. So the true saying was My Sun My Sun why has thou forshaken me.