Black Poetry : Soft Flesh - Repost

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    Chicago: Overlooking the Sea called Love
    Born to be a man
    But that’s what you refuse to be
    Afraid of growing up and taking a stand
    Yet you want to consider yourself a man
    Responsibility you decline to take
    Decisions you refuse to make
    You have no opinion, you make no choice
    You do what others tell you, you have no voice.
    You’re not a man, you’re a boy
    Think life is a game, your own proverbial toy
    You may have a mustache and beard, and muscle bound
    But as a man you cannot be found
    You stick out your chest, but it’s just a front to your back
    Thinking you’re an authority on everything, but you don’t know jack.
    You got kids, but you’re not a dad
    You don’t know what it takes to make your woman happy and that my friend is sad
    So let me take you to school
    So you can learn the golden rule
    For to be a man
    Means you’ll do whatever you can
    To get the job done
    from the rising to the setting of the sun
    No excuses for failing, realize it’s a part of life
    Just take the responsibility and get the thing right
    Handle your woman with care
    For she is your queen beyond compare
    Give her what she needs
    Not just your semen seed
    Be her support and be her friend
    And she’ll stick with you until the bitter end
    Being a man means you’ve got to work
    Cares of this life you cannot continue to shirk
    Don’t let your family run your life
    Don’t let them decide who should be your wife
    Soft flesh its time to grown up and take a stand
    But most of all my brother its time to be a real man.